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Derek Reece


[Reece, Derek]
  • Digital Projects Librarian

Professional Preparation

    • 2004 MS in Library ScienceUniversity of North Texas
    • 1997 BFA in Art HistoryUniversity of Texas


    • Aug 2013 to Present Digital Projects Librarian
      University of Texas Arlington
    • Nov 2011 to Aug 2013 Continuing Resources and Information Content Librarian
      University of Texas Arlington
    • Apr 2008 to Oct 2011 Metadata Librarian
      University of Texas Arlington


  • Professional
    • May 2008 to Present American Library Association
    • June 2008 to Dec 2013 North American Serials Interest Group


      Journal Article 2014
      • Chamberlain, C., & Reece, D. (2014). Library reorganization, chaos, and using the core

                competencies as a guide. The Serials Librarian, 66(1-4), 248-252.  


        {Journal Article }


    • May  2016
      Digital Projects Outreach: A Challenge to Traditional Library Liaison Services

      UT Arlington Libraries has developed new ways to partner with faculty and students to create and enhance digital projects. Discussing several faculty collaborations, the speakers will explore the process from the library perspective. The current collaborations have implemented Omeka and included faculty from Architecture, English, and Sociology departments. Library staff have discovered that digital outreach requires new approaches outside of the traditional library liaison services.

    • September  2015
      Using Omeka as a Gateway to Digital Projects

      Our Digital Creation department is learning how to adapt to both the benefits and challenges of Omeka and open source software. The decision to use Omeka as our primary exhibit and outreach tool has led to collaboration with our Special Collections, Digital Creation and Outreach & Scholarship departments.

    • August  2015
      How to Create a Library Website with Limited Experience and Your Web Developer Leaves the Day it Drops in Beta

      UT Arlington Libraries released a new Drupal website in January 2015. Discussion included planning, use of SharePoint as a tracking tool and documentation repository, and in-house training of the web team and content editors on the Drupal product. To build this data-driven website, we used CrazyEgg on our prior site and Google Analytics to determine our most used information to migrate to the new site.

    • June  2013

      Library Reorganization, Chaos, and Using the Core Competencies as a Guide

      Starting in the fall of 2012, the staff at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) Library began to plan for a library-wide reorganization of staff and services. In what could be a most chaotic time, the serials and e-resources team chose to use the North American Serials Interest Group (NASIG) draft version of core competencies for electronic resource librarians as a guide to help in selecting members for the e-resources team that would emerge following the reorganization. The presentation reviews the situation at UTA, the core competencies, and how the serials/e-resources team used the core competencies along with a self-assessment tool to help select the most qualified staff for the team.

    • May  2010

      Open Source Catalogs

      Demo of some open source catalog/resource discovery products. Discussion will include how open source could impact tech services and user experiences. Panel will also describe the implementation of open source catalog products in their libraries.

Service to the Community

  • Volunteered
    • Jan 2009 to  Aug 2009 Arlington Reads

      Volunteer tutor for ESL adult learners.

Service to the Profession

  • Volunteered
    • June 2015 to  June 2015 Panelist for UNT-SLIS Students

      Panel discussion session for the UNT course SLIS 5000 Information and Knowledge Profession (graduate-level course). Professionals from different types of libraries invited to talk about their careers, work, etc. Discussion for new graduate students to better understand professions in the LIS field and plan earlier for their career paths.

Service to the University

  • Appointed
    • Mar 2016 to  Present New Employee Onboarding Process

      Committee to develop New Employee Onboarding Process.

    • Mar 2014 to  Aug 2014 API Initiative Subcommittee, Chair

      Strategic Initiative #10: Increase resonance of UTA scholarship by expanding our deep deposits of scholarly works.

    • Nov 2011 to  Aug 2013 UT Arlington Libraries Collections Council

      Drafted policies and procedures for the library collections; including housing, classification, inventory, and issues pertinent to the collections acquired by the libraries.

    • Aug 2012 to  Jan 2013 Library Innovation Task Force

      Attended Innovation Conference and worked with the task force to present a series of discussions on themes from the conference. Created a blog to facilitate discussions.

    • July 2010 to  Mar 2011 RDA Task Force, Chair

      Task force researched new Resource Description and Access (RDA) cataloging standard, created test records, and contributed to the LC national test and survey.

  • Volunteered
    • Sept 2012 to  Dec 2012 Library Benchmarking Task Force

      The Benchmarking Task Force conducted an environmental scan beyond our campus to highlight strategic opportunities, low hanging fruit, and areas where there is wide agreement that a library (or related stakeholder) has achieved excellence. Examination of important national reports in higher education and libraries; best practices and white papers; quality surveys; awards for outstanding libraries; etc. were used in the final report.

    • July 2008 to  Mar 2013 Web Usability Committee

      Committee researched usability issues and conducted testing on UTA Libraries web sites.

  • Elected
    • Sept 2010 to  Sept 2012 Professional Development Committee

      Plan and schedule professional development opportunities for library staff.