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Albert Y Tong


[Tong, Albert Y]
  • Associate Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
  • Assoc Prof


    • Jan 1987 to Present Visiting Faculty
      Sandia National Lab
    • Jan 1986 to Present Visiting Faculty
      University of California at Irvine
    • Jan 1984 to Present Visiting Faculty
      Department of Defense (DoD)   Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)   Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
    • Jan 1978 to Jan 1981 Engineer
      Westinghouse Nuclear Center in Pittsburgh, PA


      Journal Article 2010
      • Wang, Z.; Tong, A. Y. A Sharp Surface Tension Modeling Method for Two-Phase Incompressible Interfacial Flows. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids 2010, 64, 709-732.
        {Journal Article }

      Journal Article 2008
      • Fujimoto, A. Y. T.; Takuda, H. Interaction Phenomena of Two Water Droplets Successively Impacting onto a Solid Surface. International Journal of Thermal Sciences 2008, 47, 229-236.
        {Journal Article }
      • Wang, Z.; Tong, A. Y. Deformation and oscillations of a single gas bubble rising in a narrow vertical tube. International Journal of Thermal Sciences 2008, 47, 221-228.
        {Journal Article }

      Journal Article 2007
      • Tong, A. Y.; Wang, Z. Relaxation Dynamics of a Free Elongated Ligament. Physics of Fluid 2007, 19 (092101-11), 09210.
        {Journal Article }
      • Tong, S. K.; Fujimoto, H. On the Successive Impingement of Droplets onto a Substrate. Numerical Heat Transfer Journal, Part A: Applications 2007, 52 (6), 531-548.
        {Journal Article }
      • Tong, A. Y.; Wang, Z. A Numerical Method for Capillarity-Dominant Free Surface Flows. Journal of Computational Physics 2007, 221, 506-523.
        {Journal Article }
      • Fujimoto, Y. S.; Tong, T. H.; Takuda, H. Three-Dimensional Numerical Analysis of Deformation Behavior of Droplets Impinging onto a Solid Substrate. International Journal of Multiphase Flow 2007, 33, 317-332.
        {Journal Article }


      • AE 5313-001 Fluid Dynamics

        Basic conservation laws, flow kinematics, special forms of the governing equation, two-dimensional potential flows, surface waves, and some exact solutions of viscous incompressible flows.

        Fall - Regular Academic Session - 2014Contact info & Office Hours
      • ME 5331-001 Analytic Methods in Engineering

        Introduction to advanced analytic methods in engineering.

        Fall - Regular Academic Session - 2014Contact info & Office Hours
      • ME 5321-001 Advanced Classical Thermoynamics

        Review of the general thermodynamic relationships pertaining to simple compressible systems; equations of state of single-component gas systems; fundamentals of multi-component systems, including gaseous mixtures and liquid solutions; stability and multi-component phase equilibrium.

        Spring - Regular Academic Session - 2011

Other Service Activities

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    • Dec  Membership
      ASME, Combustion Institute and various honor societies such as Sigma Xi, Tau Beta Pi and Pi Tau Sigma