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Angela M Trejo MSN, BSN, RN


[Trejo MSN, BSN, RN, Angela M]


I am originally from Chicago, Illinois. I moved to Texas several years ago as a result of my husband changing jobs. We have two beautiful daughters. I started my nursing career working at Loyola University Medical Center on a Medical/Surgical unit caring for acutely ill patients awaiting an organ transplant. Specifically, we cared for liver, kidney, lung, and pancreas patients. I switched roles to work as a Kidney/Pancreas transplant coordinator and managed hundreds of patients awaiting kidney/pancreas transplants or patients who were post-transplant. I then switched my focus entirely, and worked in a law firm reviewing medical records for class action lawsuits as well as medical negligence. I learned a lot about what medical damages attorneys look for in legal cases which helped me transition into a Risk Manager for Illinois Masonic Medical Center, also in Chicago. I continued working there until I moved to Texas.

Texas has tort reform, so the role of the Risk Manager is quite different. I was trained by Nuclear Engineers how to observe processes and people. In doing this, I trained healthcare workers how to observe processes as well. I led a team of observers within Texas Health Resources system to observe our own employees, looking for opportunities for improving care. Eventually, I switched roles and worked as a corporate Risk Manager within the system and reviewed and investigated reports for all 13 hospitals in the system, identifying trends, and looking for opportunities to improve safety and care for patients. At Arlington Memorial Hospital, I worked as a patient safety coordinator, again, looking for opportunities to improve care, minimize risk to patients, and be a resource for staff.

I am now in education and love my job! I enjoy the interaction with my students, watching students learn how to be competent, confident nurses.

Professional Preparation

    • 2008 MSN Loyola University New Orleans
    • 2002 BSN Loyola University Chicago
    • 1997 ADN College of DuPage


  • Membership
    • Sept 2010 to Present National League for Nursing
    • Aug 2009 to Present Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society


        Exploration of organizational strategies, leadership theories, and societal trends with implications for decision making in health care. Provides introduction to management skills needed by professional nurses with clinical application in diverse settings.
        Spring - Regular Academic Session - 2011
      • NURS 4350-001 Capstone Transition to Professional Practice

        Focuses on the synthesis of knowledge acquired throughout the curriculum and the enactment of the professional nurse role in a concentrated practicum.

        Spring - Regular Academic Session - 2011