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Carol S Lieser


[Lieser, Carol S]
  • Clinical Assistant Professor, College of Nursing and Health Innovation


 I am a clinical assistant professor in the Master's Psychiatric Mental Health program at UTA. My education includes a BSN from Berea College in Berea, Kentucky and MSN from the University of Texas at Arlington with certifications as a pediatric nurse practitioner in 1997 and a certification as a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner in 2009. I also have a PhD May 2012 from The Unversity of Texas at Arlington and a Master's in Theological Studies from Ave Maria University of St. Mary's College in Ipsilanti, Michigan, 2001. My research interests are depression issues and concerns of the mentally ill mother. Currently, I am focusing on attachment and emotional deprivation issues and the application of affirmation therapy to alleviate these distressing issues. I serve as the regional spiritual formation director for Los Tres Companeros region of the Order of Secular Franciscans in the state of Texas, where I develop and facilitate portion workshops on matters of spirituality for the three portions in this region.

Professional Preparation

    • 2012 PhD The Univ of Texas at Arlilngton
    • 1997 MSN
    • 2001 MTS in TheologySt Mary's College of Ave Maria Unvirsity
    • 1968 BSN Berea College Berea, Ky


    • May 2014 to Present College of Nursing Faculty Assembly Secretary
      The University of Texas at Arlington College of Nursing
    • Jan 2014 to Present Scholarship Committee, College of Nursing
      The University of Texas at Arlington
    • Sept 2013 to Present Faculty Issues Committee
      University of Texas at Arlington
    • Sept 2013 to Present Development of clinical evaluation instrument for advanced nurse practitioner practicum evaluation
      University of Texas at Arlington


  • Membership
    • Sept 2013 to Present Southern Nurses Research Society, member
    • Sept 2013 to Present International Society of Psychiatric Nurses
    • Sept 2013 to Present American Psychiatric Nurses Association
    • Sept 2013 to Present Sigma Theta Tau-Delta Theta
  • Board Member
    • Jan 2014 to Present Catholic Psychotherapy Association

Other Activities

    • Board member
      • Jan 2014 Los Tres Companeros Region, Spiritual formator,

Research and Expertise

  • Nursing

    Screening for adolescent depression among nurse practitioners

    Mothers with mental illness

    Non suicidal self injurious behaviors among adolescents

    Prescribing psychotropics for adolescent depression among family and pediatric nurse practitioners

  • DSM 5

    Presentation on new DSM at national chapter of CPA in Nov 2013

    Presentation on use of DSM 5 for UTA Psychiatric Symposium, Arlington, TX; April 2015; Pt 1: Adult Mental Health; Pt 2: Child/Adolescent Mental Health Diagnoses. 

  • Management of depression in those with chronic kidney disease

    Presentation on Depression in CKD: ANNA conference, April, 2015. Orlando, Fla.

    Author of chapter.

    Lieser, C. (pending, 2016).  Depression and chronic kidney disease: An overview for the American Association of Nephrology Nurses; A chapter in:  Contemporary Nephrology Nursing: Principles and Practice.

  • Sexual abuse issues in women

    Working with PhD dissertation students on sexual abuse and molestation issues.

  • Affirmation therapy in treating attachment and emotional deprivation issues

    I am partnered with an psychotherapist in developing instruments to screen and assess patients with attachment and emotional deprivation disorders. We are applying affirmation therapy and in the process of providing support for this as a theory to be used in treatment programs.


      Textbook Forthcoming
      • Lieser, C. (pending, 2016).  Depression and chronic kidney disease: An overview for the American Association of Nephrology Nurses; A chapter in:  Contemporary Nephrology Nursing: Principles and Practice.

        {Textbook} [Non-refereed/non-juried]

      Journal Article Forthcoming
      • Lieser, C. pending. Affirmation: A concept analysis

        Lieser, C. pending Attachment:  A concept analysis

        Lieser C. pending Emotional deprivation: A concept analysis

        Lieser, C. & Baars, S. pending Screening instruments: Emotional deprivation and Attachment disorders.

        Baars, S., & Lieser, C. pending Using affirmation therapy to treat emotional deprivation and attachment disorders.

        {Journal Article} [Refereed/Juried]

      Journal Article 2015
      • Anderson, CA; & Lieser, CS. (2015). Prenatal depression: Early intervention. The Nurse Practitioner, 40. (7), 38-46.

        {Journal Article} [Refereed/Juried]

      Compact Disc(CD) 2012
      • Grove, S., Gray, J. & Burns, N. (2012). Evolve Resources for The Practice of Nursing research:  Appraisal, Synthesis and Generation of Evidence, 7th ed. C.Lieser, Proposal defense.   St. Louis: Mosby. (Publications: Medai/Software and Other Publications)
        {Compact Disc(CD)} [Non-refereed/non-juried]


    • April  2016
      Psychotropic Medications: An explanation of commonly used medications in mental health care for non prescribing psychotherapists, social workers and psychologists.

      A podium presentation offered at the Catholic Psychotherapy Association Annual meeting in Austin TX

    • April  2015
      DSM 5: Adult Mental Health Diagnoses

      An invited presentation to mental health providers on use of the new DSM 5 in making diagnoses for mental health practices.

    • April  2015
      DSM 5 Pt 2: Diagnosing adolescents and children with mental health problems.

      A podium presentation to APRNs, psychotherapists, social workers and psychologists on how to use the DSM 5 to make accurate diagnoses in children and adolescents.

    • March  2015
      Schizoaffective Disorder: Diagnosis and management

      A podium presentation at the International Society of Psych Nurses in Seattle, Washington.

    • April  2013
      Lieser, C. (2013). Adolescent antidepressant screening practices. A poster Sigma Theta Tau
    • March  2013
      Psychotropic usage: An explanation for psychotherapists

Support & Funding

This data is entered manually by the author of the profile and may duplicate data in the Sponsored Projects section.
    • Dec 2011 to May 2012 Dissertation: Adolescent Depression Screening practices among family and pediatric nurse practitioners in Texas sponsored by  - $100000

Other Research Activities

  • 2015
    • Active Research (unfunded)
      • July 2015 Correlations between SIB and alcohol or substance use in individuals who have experienced trauma

        This ia an effort to understand the causes of SIB and the link to substance use disorders in those who have experienced trauma.


Service to the Community

  • Elected
    • Oct 2015 to  Present Catholic Psychotherapy Association

      I am on the Board of Directors, serving a three year term from Nov 2015 to Nov 2018. .

    • Sept 2013 to  Present Secular Franciscan Order: Serves as spiritual formation director for Los Tres Companeros Region, a region that includes from North Texas to the Valley along the Mexico border.

      Provides spiritual formation for Secular Franciscans in the state of Texas, a group of about 350 Franciscans.

Service to the University

  • Elected
    • Sept 2014 to  May 2015 College of Nursing Facutly Assembly Secretary

      An elected position that involves attending two meetings of directors and committee leaders as well as Faculty Assembly Meetings three times an academic year. I develop agenda, take minutues, determine presence of quorum for business activities and am depositiory for committee notes and placement of all activity of the College of Nursing in the hands of faculty and on the university k drive.

    • May 2014 to  Present College of Nursing Scholarship committee

      Once each semester I review all applications for students who have applied for scholarships and then meet with a committee to determine who receives the scholarships and the amount of funding for each recipient.

    • Sept 2013 to  Present College of Nursing Faculty Issues Committee

      I serve as a committee member with monthly meetings and development of faculty development programs for each semester.