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Cheryl Anderson


[Anderson, Cheryl]
  • Assoc Prof


Maternal Child Health Nursing area of teaching with educational preparation, teaching and research efforts in sociology and psychology as well as nursing. Particular areas of interest currently with childbearing adolescents and birth trauma including symptoms of depression and PTSD

Professional Preparation

    • 1985 PhD in Sociology (Sociology),  Texas Women's University, Denton, Texas


    • July 2013 to July 2015 Faculty Assembly, Chair
      University of Texas at Arlington


  • Professional
    • Jan 1983 to Present Delta Theta Tau  Sigma Theta Tau
    • 1981 to Present Southwestern Sociological Science Association
  • Membership
    • 2000 to Present Association of Women's Health Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN)
    • Jan 1998 to Present Southern Nursing Research Society

Awards and Honors

    • May  2017 2017 Graduate Teaching Award-College of Nursing and Health Innovations sponsored by University of Texas Arlington CONHI
    • Jan  2016 President's Award for Excellence in Teaching, nominee (tenured faculty) sponsored by UTA CONHI

      This is a nomination of excellence for teaching.


      Nominees for UT Arlington teaching honors are selected based on a review of the credentials of all instructional faculty by each college’s or school’s awards committee. The names of these individuals are then forwarded to the Office of the Provost, which then invites each nominee to submit a teaching award dossier. The dossier is evaluated by members of the Academy of Distinguished Teachers, which submits a list of recommendations to the Provost and President, who make all final decisions.

    • Jul  2009 "Outstanding teacher" sponsored by University of Texas at Arlington

      outstanding teacher


      2009  Recipient of the  Chancellor’s Council Outstanding Teacher’s Award

Research and Expertise

  • maternal child health, women's health, birth/brth trauma, adolescents

    psychological birth trauma among adolescents

  • PTSD and depression among NICU mothers

    Research (Phase 1) to determine prevalence of PTSD and depression among mothers of NICU infants. Phase 2 research to test  home based intervention to improve attachment, maternal mental  health, and infant development


      Journal Article Forthcoming
      • Anderson, C. & Strickland, S.( in press)The influence of acculturation on traumatic stress following childbirth among Hispanic adolescents. Hispanic Health Care International

        {Journal Article} [Refereed/Juried]
      • Anderson, C. (in press) The trauma of birth. Health Care for Women International

        {Journal Article} [Refereed/Juried]

      Journal Article 2017
      • Anderson, C. & Cacola, P. (2017). Implications of preterm birth for maternal mental health and infant development. MCN, The American Journal for Maternal Child Nurses, 42, 108-114.

        {Journal Article} [Refereed/Juried]

      Journal Article 2016
      • Anderson, C. & Rhan, B. (2016). Factors related to the seeking and contribution of prenatal care among ethncially diverse adolescents. Journal of Child and Family Studies. Advanced Online Publication doi: 10.1007/s10826-016-0378.9

        {Journal Article} [Refereed/Juried]

      Journal Article 2015
      • Anderson, C. & Lieser, C. (2015). Prenatal depression. The Nurse Practitioner, 40, 38-46.

        {Journal Article} [Refereed/Juried]
      • Anderson, C. & Vest, L. (2015). Depressive symptoms and violence exposure: Contributions to repeat pregnancies among adolescents. Journal of Perinatal Education, 24(4), 1-14

        {Journal Article} [Refereed/Juried]
      • Anderson, C.  & Perez. C. (2015). Adolescent psychological birth trauma following

                 cesarean birth. Pediatric Nursing, 41, 78-83.

        {Journal Article} [Refereed/Juried]

      Journal Article 2014
      • Anderson, C. & Gill, M. (2014) Childbirth related fears and psycholgical birth truama in younger and older adolescents. Applied Nursing Research, 27, 242-248.

        {Journal Article} [Refereed/Juried]

      Journal Article 2013
      • Anderson, C & McCarley, M. (2013). Psychological birth trauma in adolescents                        

                  experiencing an early birth.  MCN, 38,170-176.

        {Journal Article} [Refereed/Juried]

      Journal Article 2011
      • Anderson, C. (2011). Construct validity of the Childbirth Trauma Index. Journal of Perinatal Education, 20, 78-90.
        {Journal Article} [Refereed/Juried]

      Journal Article 2010
      • Anderson, C. (2010). Using of the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale to screen for  symptoms of depression among Latina, African        American, and Caucasian adolescents.   SOJNR.10, NP
        {Journal Article} [Refereed/Juried]
      • Anderson, C. (2010). Psychological consequences of childbirth among Latina  adolescents. Issues in Nursing and Mental Health, 37, 700-07
        {Journal Article} [Refereed/Juried]

      Journal Article 2008
      • Anderson, C, (2008). Simulation game playing: A nursing instructional strategy. Clinical Simulation in Nursing Education, 4(1), 1-14
        {Journal Article} [Refereed/Juried]
      • *Anderson, C. & McGuinness, T. (2008). Do teenage mothers experience childbirth as traumatic? Journal of Psychosocial Nursing, 46(4), 21-24
        {Journal Article} [Refereed/Juried]


    • August  2016
      Factors Related to the Seeking and Contribution of Prenatal Care among Ethnically Diverse Adolescents

      Discusses factors related to prenatal care (PNC) seeking and tie of PNC to birth trauma among adolescents 13 to 19 years of age.

    • June  2016
      Acculturation Effects on Traumatic Stress of Childbirth among Latina Adolescents

      Described acculturation differences and contribution to birth trauma among a sample of Latina adolescents

    • April  2014
      Preterm Birth and Birth Trauma among Adolescents

      Incidence of birth truama is increased with the preterm birth of an infant among adolescents

    • March  2013
      Psychological Impact of Childbirth among Adolescents

      Podium presentation at multi-disciplinary conference

    • March  2011
      Psychological Impact of Childbirth among Adolescents

      Podium presentation at multi-disciplinary conference


  • 2014
    • Jan 2014 to Present Psychological Consequences of Childbirth
      Explore the psychological consequences of labor and birth among adolescents 13 to 19 years of age, especially the incidence of PTSD and depression.
      Role: Principal Investigator PI: Cheryl Anderson

Students Supervised

Peers Mentored


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      Duration : Jan 2013 to Present

      Research Partner


Service to the Community

  • Elected
    • Oct 2014 to  Oct 2014 Presentation

      Family Violence for Collin County

Service to the Profession

  • Elected
    • Mar 2012 to  Apr 2012 Visiting Professor

      University of Europa, Madrid, Spain March, 2012

    • Jan 1983 to  Present Sigma Theta Tau

      International Honor Society of Nursing

  • Volunteered
    • Jan 2002 to  Dec 2013 American Psychiatric Nurses Association


    • Jan 2000 to  Present Association of Women's Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nurses


Service to the University

  • Elected
    • Sept 2007 to  May 2013 Faculty Senate

      Representative for the College of Nursing

Other Service Activities

  • Professional Service
    • Jan 1999 Southwestern Sociological Science Association

      Treasurer from 1999 to present.