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Daniel Giberman


[Giberman, Daniel]
  • Assistant Professor, Philosophy & Humanities


I work primarily in contemporary analytic metaphysics and philosophy of mind. I also have interests in philosophy of language, the history of modern philosophy, and many other sub-fields. I came to UTA in 2015, after completing a research postdoc at the University of Gothenburg in beautiful western Sweden. I earned my PhD on The Farm, and my BA at this football powerhouse

Professional Preparation

    • 2010 PhD in PhilosophyStanford University
    • 2004 BA (magna cum laude) in PhilosophyNew York University
    • 2004 BA (magna cum laude) in Art HistoryNew York University


    • Aug 2015 to Present Assistant Professor of Philosophy
      University of Texas at Arlington
    • Oct 2013 to Sept 2015 Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Theoretical Philosophy
      University of Gothenburg   University of Gothenburg, Sweden
    • Jan 2011 to Aug 2013 IHUM Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow
      Stanford University


  • Member,
    • Sept 2004 to Present American Philosophical Association

Research and Expertise

  • Metaphysics; Philosophy of Mind

    I work in contemporary analytic metaphysics and philosophy of mind on issues involving properties, objects, time, change, consciousness, and identity. My work has appeared in numerous internationally recognized academic journals and I frequently present my original research at both peer-reviewed and invited conferences.


      Journal Article Forthcoming
      • "Bent, Not Broken: Why Exemplification Simpliciter Remains a Problem for Eternalist Endurantism" Erkenntnis (accepted)

        {Peer Reviewed} [Refereed/Juried]

      Journal Article 2016
      • "Moving Parts: A New Indexical Treatment of Context-Shifting Predication" Synthese. 193.1: 95-124.

        {Peer Reviewed} [Refereed/Juried]
      • "Indiscernibility Does Not Distinguish Particularity" Thought 5.4: 249-256.

        {Peer Reviewed} [Refereed/Juried]

      Journal Article 2015
      • "A Topological Theory of Fundamental Concrete Particulars" Philosophical Studies. 172.10: 2679-2704. (2015)

        {Peer Reviewed} [Refereed/Juried]
      • "Junky Non-Worlds" Erkenntnis. (2015) 80.2: 437-433.

        {Peer Reviewed} [Refereed/Juried]
      • "Is Mereology a Guide to Conceivability?" Mind. (2015) 124: 121-146.

        {Peer Reviewed} [Refereed/Juried]

      Journal Article 2014
      • "Passing Through: Why Intrinsic-to-a-Time Endurantism Should Not Persist" Analytic Philosophy. (2014) 55.1: 89-101.

        {Peer Reviewed} [Refereed/Juried]
      • "Tropes in Space" Philosophical Studies. (2014) 167.2: 453-472.

        {Peer Reviewed} [Refereed/Juried]

      Journal Article 2012
      • "Against Zero-Dimensional Material Objects (and Other Bare Particulars)" Philosophical Studies. (2012) 160.2: 305-321.

        {Peer Reviewed} [Refereed/Juried]
      • "T-Gunk and Exact Occupation" American Philosophical Quarterly. (2012) 49: 165-174.

        {Peer Reviewed} [Refereed/Juried]

      Journal Article 2009
      • "Who They Are and What De Se: Burge on Quasi-Memory" Philosophical Studies. (2009) 144: 297-311.

        {Peer Reviewed} [Refereed/Juried]

Support & Funding

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    • Aug 2015 to Present Research Project Funding (1 year) sponsored by  - $135000
    • Oct 2013 to Sept 2015 Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Theoretical Philosophy sponsored by  - $125000