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Farhad A Kamangar


[Kamangar, Farhad A]
  • Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Professional Preparation

    • 1975 B.S. in Electrical EngineeringUniversity of Tehran, Iran
    • 1977 M.S. in Electrical Engineering
    • 1980 Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering


    • Dec 2002 to Present Professor
      University of Texas at Arlington   Computer Science Engineering

Research and Expertise

  • Research Interests
    Image processing, computer vision, signal processing, neural networks, artificial intelligence, computer graphics.


      Conference Paper 2011
      • Xiao Cai, Feiping Nie, Heng Huang, Farhad Kamangar. Heterogeneous Image Features Integration via Multi-Modal Spectral Clustering, The 24th IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR 2011), pp. 1977-1984
        {Conference Paper }
      • Hua Wang, Heng Huang, Feiping Nie, Farhad Kamangar, Chris Ding. “Maximum MarginMulti-Instance Learning”. Neural Information Processing Systems Conference (NIPS 2011),
        {Conference Paper }

      Journal Article 2011
      • J. Davies, F. Kamangar, G. Záruba, M. Huber, V. Athitsos, “Use of RSSI and Time-of-Flight Wireless Signal Characteristics for Location Tracking,” Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Pervasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments, Crete, Greece, May 25-27, 2011.
        {Journal Article }
      • A. Rahmani,·M. Samadi, Farhad Kamangar, " Arsenic (III) biosorption from aqueous solution using Holly, Sallow and Poplar sawdust: Kinetics and Equilibrium Studies," Int. Journal of Rapid Commun. and Updating in the Field of Biotic and Abiotic Sys. Volume 20 - No. 3a; pp. 720-726, 2011
        {Journal Article }

      Conference Paper 2010
      • Sajjad Moradi, Farhad Kamangar, Heng Huang, “Mixtures of Probabilistic PCA with Missing Data,” International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition (AIPR-10), pp 45-50, Orlando, Florida, USA, July 12-14, 2010
        {Conference Paper }
      • Haijing Wang, Alexandra Stefan, Sajjad Moradi, Vassilis Athitsos, Carol Neidle, and Farhad Kamangar. “A System for Large Vocabulary Sign Search.” Workshop on Sign, Gesture and Activity (SGA), September 2010.
        {Conference Paper }

      Journal Article 2009
      • Fernandez, R., A. Abolmaali, F. Kamangar, and T. Le. "Analysis and Development of a Passive Mechanical Vibration Abatement Device for Traffic Monitoring Cameras." American Society of Civil Engineers Journal of Transportation Engineering 135.5 (2009): 270-278.
        {Journal Article }
      • G. G. L. Schachar, F. K. Kirby, Z. E. Musielak, and G. Rosensteel. "Novel explanation for the shape of the lenticular galaxy bulge and its implication for red spiral galaxy evolution," Journal of Astronomy & Astrophysics, no. A&A 505, pp. 613-623, July 2009.
        {Journal Article }

      Journal Article 2008
      • Schacharl, G. Liao, F Kamangar Kirby, A. Abolmaali Savoie, and G. Rosensteel. "Unexpected shape changes of encapsulated oblate spheroids in response to equatorial traction." Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theorectical (2008): 41.
        {Journal Article }

      Journal Article 2007
      • Zaruba, M. Huber, F. A. Kamangar, and I. Chlamtac. "Indoor Location Tracking Using RSSI Reading from a Single Access Point." ACM Journal of Wireless Networks (WINET) 13.2 (2007).
        {Journal Article }

      Journal Article 2006
      • Shachar, F. Kamangar. "Computer Image Analysis of Ultrasound Biomicroscopy of Primate Accommodation." Eye (2006): 226-233.
        {Journal Article }

      Journal Article 2005
      • Zaruba, F. A. Kamangar, M. Huber, and D. Levine. "CONNECT - A Personal Remote Messaging and Monitoring System to Aid People with Disabilities." IEEE Communications 43.9 (2005): 101-109.
        {Journal Article }
      • Kamangar, David Levine, V. Gergely, and Renjith Thomas Zaruba. "Mobile Agent Connection Establishment and Management (CEMA) - Message Exchange for Pervasive Computing Environments." Journal of Supercomputing 31.1 (2005): 79-99.
        {Journal Article }

      Journal Article 1999
      • Wlch, B. A. Shirazi, B. Ravindran, and F. Kamangar. "Instrumentation, Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic, Distributed Real-Time Systems." International Journal of Parallel and Distributed Systems and Networks (IJPDSN) 2.2 (1999): 105-117.
        {Journal Article }

      Journal Article 1997
      • Kamangar, F. A. and K. Behbehani. "An Artificial Neural Network Based Controller for Control of Induced Paralysis Using Vecuronium Bromide." Annals of Biomedical Engineering, The Journal of the Biomedical Engineering Society 25 (1997): 1040-1052.
        {Journal Article }
      • Behbehani, F. Lopez, E. %Mname Yen, J. %Mname Burk, and F. A. Kamangar. "Pharyngeal Wall Vibration Dectection Using and Artificial Neural Network." Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing 35 (1997): 193-198.
        {Journal Article }

      Journal Article 1995
      • Missler, M. and F. A. Kamangar. "A Neural Network for Pursuit Tracking Inspired by the Fly Visual System." Neural Networks Journal 8 (1995): 463-480.
        {Journal Article }

      Journal Article 1993
      • Allen, F. A. Kamangar and E. M. Stokely. "Laplacian and orthogonal wavelet pyramid decompositions in coarse-to-fine registration." IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 41 (1993): 3536-3541.
        {Journal Article }

      Journal Article 1992
      • Smith, K. M. Black, F. A. Kamangar, and J. Fitzer. "The University of Texas at Arlington Autonomous Aerial Vehicle - An Overview." Journal of Applied Intelligence 2 (1992): 299-320.
        {Journal Article }

      Journal Article 1982
      • Kamangar, F. A. and K. R. Rao. "Fast Algorithms for the 2-D Discrete Cosine Transform." IEEE Transactions on Computers C-31 (1982): 899-906.
        {Journal Article }

      Journal Article 1981
      • Kamangar, F. A. and K. R. Rao. "Interframe Hybrid Coding of NTSC Component Video Signals." IEEE Transaction on Communication COM-29 (1981): 1740-1753.
        {Journal Article }

Support & Funding

This data is entered manually by the author of the profile and may duplicate data in the Sponsored Projects section.
    • Jan 2012 to Jan 2016 Educating Health Informatics Researchers at the Computer Science and Engineering Department of The University of Texas at Arlington sponsored by  - $980549
    • Jan 2010 to Jan 2014 Smart Care: A Technology Discovery Center for Improving In-Home Health Care sponsored by  - $643500
    • Jan 2007 to Jan 2011 Teleherence: Monitoring/Increasing Adherence via Web Telecommunications sponsored by  - $465942
    • Jan 2007 to Jan 2009 PLR: Mesh Networked, Two-Way Personnel Locator Radios and Relays sponsored by  - $264879
    • Jan 2006 to Jan 2007 Remote Monitoring and Control of Sensor/Actuator Nodes in Cellular Networks sponsored by  - $85122
    • Jan 2005 to Jan 2007 Vibration Reduction and Control for Traffic Cameras sponsored by  - $241508
    • Jan 2003 to Jan 2005 Connect - A Personal Remote Messaging and Monitoring Infrastructure for Persons with Disabilities sponsored by  - $2112533
    • Jan 2003 to Jan 2003 Distributed Sensor Networks. sponsored by  - $25000
    • Jan 2002 to Jan 2005 Acquisition of High-Performance Distributed Computing and Storage Infrastructure at UTA sponsored by  - $1357000
    • Jan 2002 to Jan 2005 Pervasive Information Communities Organization (PICO): A Framework for Internet Services of the Future sponsored by  - $426361
    • Jan 2001 to Jan 2004 MavHome: An Intelligent Home Environment sponsored by  - $1159959
    • Jan 2001 to Jan 2003 Integrating Intelligent Agent and Wireless Computing Research into the Undergraduate Curriculum sponsored by  - $330000
    • Jan 1999 to Jan 2002 Platform-Independent Remote Data Acquisition and Control Over the Internet. sponsored by  - $55153
    • Jan 1999 to Jan 2000 Forecasting of Financial Markets by using Cooperative Intelligent Agents sponsored by  - $98173
    • Jan 1999 to Jan 2000 Real-time Analysis and Visualization of Computer Networks sponsored by  - $18000
    • Jan 1988 to Jan 1989 Modeling a back-propagation neural network on a Meiko computing surface sponsored by  - $11775
    • Jan 1988 to Jan 1989 Expert System for Design of Seismic Sensors sponsored by  - $75299
    • Jan 1988 to Jan 1989 Partitioning Connectionist Models on Parallel Computers sponsored by  - $27065
    • Jan 1987 to Jan 1989 Implementation of Image Processing Algorithms on Parallel Computers sponsored by  - $27065
    • Jan 1987 to Jan 1988 Applications of Neural Networks in the Recognition of Handwritten Numerals sponsored by  - $45562
    • Jan 1984 to Jan 1985 3-Dimensional Graphic Package with Hierarchical Data Structure sponsored by  - $25000


      • CSE 5368-001 Neural Networks

        5368. NEURAL NETWORKS (3-0) Theoretical principles of neurocomputing. Learning algorithms, information capacity, and mapping properties of feedforward and recurrent networks. Different neural network models will be implemented and their practical applications discussed. Prerequisite: CSE 5301 and calculus II, knowledge of a high level programming language, or consent of instructor.

        Fall - Regular Academic Session - 2018 Download Syllabus Contact info & Office Hours