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Jonathan Abel


[Abel, Jonathan]


BA, History and English, Midwestern State University 2004

MA, History, University of North Texas 2011

PhD, History, University of North Texas, 2014


      Encyclopedia Entry Submitted
      • Various Entries, ABC-CLIO Encyclopedia of Cyber Warfare, ed. Paul J. Springer. (Forthcoming)

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      Book Published
      • Guibert: Father of the Grande Armée.  (Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press, 2016).

        {Book }

      Book Chapter 2016
      • “The Prophet Guibert” in Napoleon and the Operational Art of War: Essays in Honor of Donald D. Horward ed. Michael Leggiere.  (New York: Brill Publishers, 2016).

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      Journal Article 2013
      • “Jacques-Antoine-Hippolyte, comte de Guibert.” Oxford Bibliographies Online.  2014.

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      • HIST 2301-001 History of Civilization before 1500

        This course will take a narrative approach to discovering the following: significant developments from prehistoric times through the 16th century. Achievements and experiences of great civilizations, emphasizing major historical figures and epochs, important ideas and religions, and factors of continuity and change. Provides a foundation for understanding our heritage and shared values, and introduces students to the historical forces that have shaped todays world.  This course will also involve in-depth discussions of religions: their origins, their development, and their influences on history.


        This course will examine the changes in the European art and science of war from the advent of gunpowder c1400 to the American rebellion in the 1770s.  It will illustrate the effects of these changes on demography, political institutions, industrial production, social structure, taxation patterns, and other areas.  This will explain much of the development of the modern world and its institutions, through the lens of military history.