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Last Updated: August 25, 2016
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Khadra Abdille has been working at the University of Texas at Arlington since 2011 as Financial Aid Counselor. Prior to her role as Financial Aid Counselor  Khadra spent several years working at  Social Service agency as a  Case Manager.

Professional Preparation

Professional Preparation

    • 2012 MSSW in Community and Administrative Practice, University of Texas at Arlngton


    • Aug 2011 to Present Texas Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
    • Aug 2011 to Present UTA  Financial Aid Administrators


      • MAV 1000-056 Maves 1000 FYE Course

        First Year Experience course is required course for all first yar college students entering fall semester/term. The course will assist student learn skills needed for success in college. It is 14week course, students and intructor meet 1hr every week. The course is zero credit hours but it is requirement for all first year student to attend.

        Fall - Regular Academic Session - 2016 Download Syllabus Contact info & Office Hours