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Kristine A Nelson


[Nelson, Kristine A]


Simulation Operations Manager, Smart Hospital™

UT Arlington College Nursing

Professional Preparation

    • 1976 B.S.N. Oregon Health and Sciences University
    • 1983 Master of Science in Nursing (Education),  Oregon Health and Sciences University


  • Membership
    • July 2013 to Present Society for Simulation in Healthcare
    • Dec 2011 to Present International Nursing Association of Simulation and Clinical Learning (INASCL)

Awards and Honors

    • Sep  2012 Certified Nurse Educator sponsored by National League for Nursing (NLN)

Research and Expertise

  • Expertise
    I am pleased and proud to be a member of the faculty at The University of Arlington School of Nursing.  I am dedicated to preparing undergraduate nursing students to provide safe and effective care to their patients, children as well as adults, and their family members.  I am continuously seeking improved methods and programs that will facilitate optimal learning for our nursing students. 


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  • 2014
    • Feb 2014 to Present Simulation
      Creating simulation learning activities that facilitate the development of clinical judgment skills in undergraduate nursing students.
      Role: PI:


      • NURS 4431-001 Nursing of Children and Adolescents
        No Description Provided.
        Fall - Regular Academic Session - 2009 Download Syllabus

Administrative Appointment

  • 2013
    • May 2013 to Present - Simulation Operations Manager, Smart Hospital, University of Texas at Arlington   Office of the President   Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs   College of Nursing and Health Innovation