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Last Updated: January 19, 2021
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Research Interests

Research Interests
Ecology of scholarly publication, Strategy of biotechnology and drug discovery, micro-foundations of strategy, exogenous shocks, Identity development, errors in scholarly publications

Teaching Interests

Teaching Interests
Organizational strategy, Technology Management. Have also taught Organizational Theory, Organizational Behavior, Organizational Change Management, Human Resource Management, Principles of Management, and Project Management.



Martin J. Monroe is an expert in strategic planning with a demonstrated a capacity for delivering novel insights across a broad range of strategy roles. As a strategy professor, I have authored original papers on formulating strategy in ecosystems and in technology portfolios while teaching the capstone strategy course at three different universities. As a strategy consultant, I have researched and produced innovative strategic analyses and competitor profiles for multiple business units at Shell Chemicals. And as the CEO of a bio-based chemicals start-up, I led the firm through early stage development, including identifying and negotiating a strategic alliance with a major producer. Martin earned a PhD in management from Texas A&M University, an MBA from Syracuse University, an MS in Biotechnology from the University of Pennsylvania, and a BS in Chemical Engineering from Clarkson University.



    • Sept 2020 to Present Senior Lecturer
      University of Texas at Arlington (Arlington, TX)

      9/2020: Researched and authored 30 page working paper introducing micro-foundations of strategy into exogenous shock literature. Intended submission to Strategic Management Journal.

      6/2020: Researched and authored 80 page case outlining Apple’s basis for competitive advantage in smart phones.

      4/2020: Researched and authored 40 page case addressing strategy of IGI entry into diagnostics industry during Covid 19 pandemic.

      Teaching:Designed new case method course, including original material, for Organizational Strategy capstone course and delivered to 4 sections (2 online, 2 face-to-face, (about 180 students).
    • Aug 2014 to Aug 2019 Lecturer
      Management, University of Houston-Downtown (Houston, TX)
      2019: Published “A Longitudinal Process Model of Multiple Identity Development” at AIMS International Journal of Management. This paper reorients the literature away from single role transitions and contemporaneously held identities toward a more longitudinal and narrative approach. Thus, new motives, mechanisms, and traits that affect this process are proposed.
      2019: Researched and authored paper that is accepted and published in proceedings of IBAM conference, Aug 1-3, 2019, “Achieving improvement in the peer review process: An ecosystem view.” This paper reorients the literature away from the editor/reviewer/author triad toward newer, higher levels of abstraction (organizations, organization ecosystem) as causes of problems in peer review and prescribes firm-level strategy.
      2019: Researched and submitted paper “Making sense of newly-discovered latent errors: An abductive study” to Academy of Management Discoveries July 1-July 30 call for papers “Errors in organizations.”
      2019: Researched and submitted paper “Instances in Which the Accumulative Advantage Model Does Not Hold: Findings from a Comparative Psychobiographical Study” to AIMS International Journal of Management. 2017: Authored seventeen-page article refocusing Journal of Management review of technological knowledge spillovers in employee mobility. Emphasizes neglected strategic resources (e.g., creativity) and psychological constructs (personality).
      2015-2016: Published two papers on Academia.edu which demonstrate major limitations in recent (2015) publications in top-tier journals (Strategic Management Journal, Academy of Management Journal.
      2014: Authored 30 page working paper using non-parametric methods to identify sustained advantage in global petrochemical industry. Proposed strategic resources consistent with findings.

      Student satisfaction in face-to-face and hybrid Strategy courses at 58-62%, well above the 50% mean, for the last four consecutive Fall/Spring semesters. Designed new courses, including original material, in Business Strategy (capstone course) and Principles of Management/Organizational Behavior. Delivered courses to 4 sections per semester and 2 per summer (about 48 sections or 1440 students).
      2016: Received award from Provost based upon student identification as most influential teacher.
      2014-2018 Sample of many favorable Strategy student comments on university-administered teaching evaluations: - “Dr. Monroe is perhaps the best professor I have encountered in the College of Business at University of Houston-Downtown”- “Extraordinary teacher”- “He is somewhat of a genius, so I am not sure how he does not get a job elsewhere. He should be promoted ASAP. Best professor by far at UHD”- “I never thought that business strategy could be this fun, thanks” Created, adapted, and delivered new, original cases on current developments in corporate-and business-level strategy.
      2018: Global warming and implications for Big Oil CSR, product diversification, and international diversification
      2018: Apple and the iCar decision (related diversification)2018: Amazon and drone technology (vertical integration)
      2017: Kraton Corp. & Arizona Chemicals (M&A)
      Performed core course audit (5 semesters) for Principles of Management/OB courseServed as reviewer for AIMS International Journal of Management and IBAM.
    • Jan 2000 to Aug 2014 Management Consultant
      (Houston, TX)
      2014-17 Advised early-stage start-ups in oil & gas sector on presentations and entry strategies as mentor at Houston Technology Center.
      2014 Authored Biofuels Market Research, 6 pp. executive summary, and submitted to BCC Research.
      2011 Published 22 page strategic analysis of flagship bio-based chemical firm (Gevo) on ICIS “Green Blogger.” Drew over 3000 page views, most of any publication in that venue, and received positive response from President and COO of subject firm. Analysis presaged stock price decline which has subsequently been realized in stock market.
      2005-11 Researched, authored, and self-published strategic studies of attractive industry niche (NCAA football, 43 pgs) and broadcast TV models (price theory, 30 pgs.). Researched, authored, published and filled requests for 3 feature-length (120 page) screen plays, 65 page book of satiric resumes and cover letters, and two satiric political speeches.
      2000-01 Management Consultant, Shell Chemicals. Shell Chemicals, 2000-2001 Advised/assisted in startup of in-house competitive intelligence capabilities. Performed following tasks pertaining to several different Shell petrochemical business units. Secondary research, Analysis of key data (supply, capacity utilization, demand, prices, margins, and short- and long-term trends), Application of theoretical models from PhD-level understanding of corporate- and business-level strategy, and Wrote 5-20 page strategic analyses (reports) based upon results.
    • June 2012 to June 2013 CEO
      XenoBio (Houston, TX)
      Worked closely with inventor, an Asst. Professor of Chemical Engineering at Ariz. St., to delineate advantages and limitations inherent in novel proprietary biosynthetic technologies. Led start-up through early stages (concept, business plan, prototyping, strategic alliance negotiations).Translated strengths and weaknesses into overarching business strategies:
      Replacement of Intermediates: (1) Identified via SWOT analysis styrene producer lacking native benzene supply for whom alternative biosynthetic route through L-phenylalanine was attractive.(2) Targeted replacement of carcinogen & OSHA-controlled intermediates (benzene, ethylbenzene) with benign biosynthetic pathway.
      Process Intensification: Explored potential advantage (merging processes in microbes rather than building out as equipment) and 2nd potential advantage (portability of genes) via forming strategic alliances (joint research grant proposals) with styrene producers, co-monomer producers, feedstock suppliers, and strain developers.
      Product Life Cycle/Sustainability: Exploited use of renewable feedstocks and lowered GHG emissions via targeting/market segmentation and via piggybacking on published market research of ICIS/Genomatica.Process/Product Quality Improvement: Explored potentially advantageous, idiosyncratic aspects of own biosynthetic routes – the evolution of styrene as a vapor – which would manifest in (1) operating reactor in more productive, higher throughput mode, (2) utilizing in-situ (reactor) rather than additional distillation tower for product recovery, and (3) achieving higher product purity.
      Specialty vs Commodity, “Platform” product approaches: Investigated and evaluated strategic options enabled by styrene derivative capabilities: market entry via specialty rather than commodity routes, “platform” product approach.

      Performed additional primary and secondary research targeting commercialization of novel biosynthetic technologies:Derived financial models of peers (Amyris, Gevo, OPX Biotechnologies) from prospectuses, reports in local newspaper, and trade publications Utilized Federal Research lab reports, patents, and other sources to construct technological and economic comparisons of petrochemical versus bio-based (sugar cane, corn, lignocellulosic) feedstocks/routes to styreneUtilized ICIS data, trade reports, and process knowledge to model sensitivity analyses concerning the impact of various contingencies (shale gas, bio-based plastics, process advantages - styrene evolved as vapor) on XenoBio’s styrene business
      Constructed 8 year business plan for new venture including detailed financial projections, R&D milestones, scale-up of manufacturing through bench/pilot/demo/commercial stages, and projection of progressive manpower requirementsDerived valuations of XenoBio via DCF and comparables at founding and at exit (8 years hence)
      Successfully negotiated option on license for innovative biosynthetic technologies through Arizona State University’s tech. transfer arm.
      Identified potential strategic partners among styrene producers, co-monomer producers, strain developers and alternate feedstock suppliers and initiated exploratory discussions (e.g., joint research grant proposals).
      Led multi-round strategic alliance negotiation with major styrene producer. Designed and delivered Letter of Intent and articulated deal structure through all rounds (angel to exit) of financing.Evaluated proposed sponsored research agreement with same potential partner.
      Designed & delivered hour-long PowerPoint presentations/funding solicitations to selected potential financiers.
      Arranged coverage of XenoBio through Lux Research, an emerging technology research and advisory firm.
    • Aug 1997 to May 2001 Visiting Asst. Professor
      (College Station, TX)
      2000-01 Visiting professor, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX.
      Taught MBA-level Organizational Behavior and Undergraduate-level Organizational Theory and Organizational Behavior courses.Designed and delivered MBA-level Organizational Behavior course composed exclusively of business cases at students’ request. Assisted in administration-led remediation of academic dishonesty case involving several students. Maintained office hours and advised students during those hours and during unscheduled visits. Commuted from Houston, TX and managed visiting professor position in College Station, TX while also doing strategy consulting for Shell Chemicals in Houston, TX and serving as invited CEO for telemedicine start-up, also located in Houston, TX.
      1997-98 Visiting professor, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK.
      Taught MBA-level Org. Change Management and Undergraduate-level Strategic Management (capstone course). Taught Organizational Change Management course as distance learning course.Presented original research, Psychological Antecedents of Transformational Leadership, at regional conference in Stillwater, OK.Designed and delivered management development course in Project Management with short lead-time for large group of professionals at large utility in Dallas, TXSupervised research assistant (two semesters) and developed individual into self-sufficient administrator of strategy simulation game.Delivered mentoring, subject matter expert assistance, and support for students on as necessary basis.
      1993-1997 Teaching/Research Assistant, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX.
      Taught Undergraduate Strategy (capstone course), Org. Theory, Org. Behavior, and HRMPublished original research in Strategic Leadership in Journal of ManagementPresented (as poster session) original research on diffusion of innovation at national Academy of Management meetingRegularly handled short-lead time requests, especially for test preparation.
    • Aug 1981 to Feb 1992 Various in logistics, finance, marketing
      Exxon Chemical Americas (Houston, TX)
      Senior Financial Analyst: Performed primary ongoing financial analyses for $300M/yr. business unit. Coordinated annual business plan and budget, and performed ad hoc analysis,Performed liaison role with Controllers,’ and Accounting organizations, Stewarded financial results and briefed senior management on monthly basis.
      Sr. Technical Sales Rep.: Developed and maintained ~$12M/yr. Plasticizers & Intermediates sales territory in Ohio/Pennsylvania. Obtained major new client and maintained established territory.Managed utilization of Baton Rouge lab’s tech. support expertise in territory.Gained knowledge of PVC Plasticizers technology & formulations, flexible PVC fabrication technology.
      Sr. Logistics Planner: Worked on/led teams which successfully planned and implemented large-scale changes in supply chain/business processes for several different chemical business units. Examples includeWon Vice President’s Award for improving service/saving $ millions while restructuring national MEK logistics network, Saved $ millions via consolidating rate negotiations across business units, Created/implemented first-of-kind major TQM initiative with carriers which yielded tangible service improvements.Temporary supervisor for three order coordinators
      Sr. Procurement Agent: Managed leases (~$100M/yr.+) and purchases (~$50M/yr.) of rail cars for one of largest private fleets in the world.Championed large purchase ($50 MM) through several internal organizations, coordinated process of bids and negotiations with external suppliers, and met project milestones. Results included TQM adoption by one of three major manufacturers and award of business at considerably lower price to another.Arranged “preferred supplier” status with major supplier resulting in rapid, unprecedented access to tank cars and access to novel “split” tank cars, thereby winning new business volume. Streamlined payment, ordering business processes with major lessor.

Other Activities

Other Activities

      • Aug 2018
        I am working with Global Energy mentors to provide Strategy training to candidate entrepreneurs (Houston)
        Global Energy Mentors


      • Journal Article
        A longitudinal process model of multiple identity development
        [Monroe, MartinJ]. AIMS International Journal of Management. Houston, TX.

      • Conference Proceeding
        Achieving improvement in the peer review process: An ecosystem view
        [Monroe, MartinJ]. Inst. of Business Administration and Management (IBAM).


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