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Mary Ellen Viancourt


[Viancourt, Mary Ellen]

Professional Preparation

    • 1973 Bachelors of Nursing in NursingCalifornia State University, Fresno
    • 1972 Associate in Science in Biochemistry (Statistics and Measurement),  Merced Community College
    • 1961 Diploma in Nursing Presentation School of Nursing
    • 1977 Diploma (M.Sc.) in Military ScienceUS Army Command and General Staff College
    • 1974 Master of Science in Nursing and Business in Nursing Administration (Business Administration),  Unviersity of California, San Francisco
    • 1989 Diploma in US ARMY C - 4 Course (Combat Casualty Care)Ft Sam Houston, TX
    • 1984 Diploma in US Army War CollegeCarlyle Barracks, PA


    • Aug 2011 to Present Assistant Clinical Professor
      University of Texas at Arlington
    • Jan 2007 to Aug 2011 Continuing Nursing Education Coordinator,
      Medical City Dallas Hospital
    • Nov 2001 to Jan 2007 House Administrator Nursing, Nights
      Medical City Dallas Hospital
    • Jan 2001 to June 2003 Nurse Recruiter
      St Paul Medical Center
    • Oct 2003 to Apr 2005 Ass't Nursing Manager, Cardiac/Stroke Unit
      Southwest Medical Center, Vancouver, WA
    • Apr 1998 to Dec 2000 Nurse Manager Medicine, Stroke, Cardiac, diabeties
      VA Medical Center Dallas
    • Nov 1994 to Apr 1998 Chief Plan, Operations, Training
      225th Combat support Hospital
    • Sept 1994 to Apr 1998 Nurse Manager HIV (TB/Substance Abuse) Research and Overflow Medicine
      VA Medical Center Miami
    • Aug 1991 to Sept 1994 Associate Chief Nurse/Chief Nurse, Acting
      VA Medical Center Roseburg
    • Feb 1991 to Sept 1994 Chief Plan, Operations, Training
      3361st 1000 - bed General Hospital - changed to 336th Combat Support Hospital
    • Sept 1990 to July 1991 Infection Control Nurse
      Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center - Desert Storm
    • July 1990 to Feb 1991 Nurse Consultant
      US Army VIII Readiness Region
    • Apr 1987 to Sept 1990 Surgical Float Nurse - Heart/Liver Trasplant, Neurosurgical, Ophthalmology
      University of California Los Angeles Medical Center   University of California Los Angeles Medical Center
    • Jan 1987 to Sept 1989 Chief Plan, Operations, Training
      3355th 1000 - bed General Hospital - changed to 355th Combat Support Hospital
    • Jan 1985 to Dec 1987 Associate Chief Nurse
      US Army Medical Center, Nurnberg Germany
    • Dec 1981 to Jan 1985 Cl Nurse Hematology/GI Oncology Research Unit (12/81-2/82); Infectional Control Nurse (2/82 - 1/85)
      Walter Reed Army Medical Center   Walter Reed Army Medical Center
    • Apr 1980 to Oct 1981 Chief Nurse, US ARMY AZ NAT'L GUARD Headquarters
      US Army National Guard Arizona
    • Apr 1980 to Oct 1981 Chief Nurse Executive, Associate Chief Nurse (Medical-Surgical), Nurse Manager Telemetry, Certified Intravenous Therapy, Staff Nurse ICU
      USPHS Indian Health Sevice Medial Center, Phoenix
    • Jan 1980 to Oct 1980 State Assistant Chief Nurse
      US Army National Guard South Dakota
    • Mar 1978 to June 1980 Associate Chief Nurse
      Hines VA Medical Center   Hines VA Medical Center, Chicago, Ill
    • Mar 1978 to Dec 1979 Chief Plan, Operations, Training
      801st 1000 - bed General Hospital
    • June 1979 to Apr 1980 Service Unit Director
      USPHS Indian Health Service Medical Center, Rapid City
    • Sept 1975 to Mar 1978 Chief Plan, Operations, Training
      5502nd 1000 - Bed General Hospital and Medical Detachments/Military Intelligence GP
    • Apr 1975 to Feb 1978 Associate Chief Nurse
      VA Medical Center Denver
    • July 1974 to Mar 1975 Chief Nurse Trainee
      VA Centeral Office: San Franciso, Martinez, Pal Alto, Fresno


  • Membership
    • Sept 2013 to Present Faculty Issues Committee  Chairperson
  • Secretary
    • July 2013 to Nov 2015 Texas League for Nursing
  • Committee Member
    • July 2008 to Sept 2011 TX TNA CNE Committee

Awards and Honors

    • Oct  2013 Great 100 Nurses 2000 sponsored by Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

      Exceptional nursing innovations, management, and risk taker

    • Oct  2013 Outstanding Surgical Float Nurse of the Year sponsored by University of California Los Angeles Medical Center

      Received this award in 1988 & 1989.  Voted by peers, nursing administration and surgical residents/interns

    • Nov  1981 Distinguished Service Medal sponsored by US Army AZ National Guard and US Army Walter Reed/Institute of Research

      1980 US Army AZ Nat'l Guard: Served with distinction as Chief Nurse.  She implemented classes for the nurses with the community college offering Emergency Medical Technician training leading to a certification.  This allowed the nurses to fill the medical officer slots to provide urgent care, first aid, and sick call to the soldiers in the field on weekends and annual training as well as utilize the US Army MED Evac Unit Reserve to assist in removing patients assigned to isolated areas. With the Readiness Region out of Los Angeles, she assisted in the development of the medical readiness export package and assisted as an evaluator during the gaming.  Because there was little opportunity for training of medical enlisted, she obtained the support of the state surgeon and exceutive officer to offer the Expert Field Medical Badge for the enlisted and thru their efforts the General signed off on this program; which became annual.  She more than anyone was responsible for the medical units to become highly ready for any action needed with the state or nationally.

      1985 US Army Walter Reed AMC:  She served with exemplary distinction while assign to Walter Reed as illustrated by the Meritorious Service Medals she was awarded.  Her impact in the research programs for the post op wound infections, establishing the protocols for the management of patients with Rabies, tirelessly working in the HIV research/staff edcation programs and spearheading the establishment of the EFMB will be carried well into the future.  She went from a novice to an outstanding expert in infection control in the course of 3 years, especially in the HIV program.  When the outbreak of measles and then chickpox among the staff and patients, she found the meales index case.  She was able to locate the protocol breakdown and working with the Air Force evac teams new policies and assessment questions were develped for children who require air evacuation.

    • Mar  1980 Army Meritorious Medal sponsored by USA South Dakota Nat'l Guard, US Army Walter Reed/Institute of Research, US Army Nurnberg AMC, 355th CSH, US Army Fitzsimmons AMC

      1980 USA South Dakota Nat'l Guard: Due to diminished physician and nurse officers, reorganized the medical dep't to provide soldiers in the field during weekend drills and annual training exercises with urgent triage care (air evac was contracted with air guard helicopters) as well as first aid and sick call services.  1983, 1984 Walter Reed AMC/AIR: developed and implement with NIH/CDC the protocal for treating patients with Rabies; worked tirelessly as a team member of the group whose reseach lead to the Western Block for HIV; research team member for the 3 yr study for post op wound infections in the cardiac & neuro surgery patients; mentored the Walter Reed Moulage Team to receive outstanding recognition and in demand for FAA, DC military district, and select key civilian medical ctrs for disaster training; passionately committed to implimenting the Emergency Field Medical Badge course for enlisted personnel at Walter Reed on a semi-annual bases with 3 day field test held at the Navy Academy field traning site.  1986 USA Nurnberg AMC: in collateral assignment of Chief Nurse USEUR COM performed with distinction during War Games in Turkey, when 30 military paratroopers became emergent to serious casualities during an air drop and in April was assigned to the Nuclear Accident team sent to Chernobyl Urkraine for 30 days. 1989 US Army 355th Combat Support Hospital: Negotiation skills provided Ft Irwin medical officers and supply personnel consultations with the combat support hospital and USC medical physicians via Navel Reserve Air support;  worked tirelessly to bring the personnel from novice to expert in the new DEPMEDs equipment & to attain the skill to set the hospital up in stages to accept patients within 15 minutes and fully operational within 2 hours;  when unit was notified selected personnel would be used as fillers for the units being mobilized for Desert Shield/Desert Storm she was met the challenges, resolved personnel issues seeking waivers, and making difficult/unpopular decisions meeting the needs of the Army as well as the service member.  1991 Fitzsimmons AMC with as 24 hr notice was reassigned to the infection control position after the nurse was relieved of duty - wrote and implemented the policies and procedures of Personal Protective Equipment as well as conducted educational classes for all personnel (Chief of Infectious Disease was against PPE) over a period of 2 months; received commendation from the JCAHO nurse surveyor for infection control; key player in the team to break the contract of the incompetent housekeeping service company; which violated all infection control and other government regulations.

    • Mar  1978 Army Commendation Medal sponsored by 5502nd 1000 - bed General Hospital, 9 Medical Detachments, 1 JAG Detachment & 1 Intelligence detachment

      1978 5502nd 1000 bed General Hospital - 9 medical unit detachments & 1 JAG detachment:  served with distinction as the first Army Nurse Corps officer receiving a duty assignment of Chief, Plan, Operations, Training; which is usually filled by a Army Medical Specialist Corps officer; 1982 Walter Reed AMC to recognize her outstanding accomplishment of going from novice to expert in infection control.

    • Mar  1977 Superior Performance Award sponsored by 5 VA Medical Centers (1977, 1978, 1993, 1998, 2000) and 2 USPHS indian Medical Centers (1980, 1981)

      Performing duties as assigned above and beyond the expectation consistently. 

Other Activities

    • Additional Experience
      • May 2015 Coordinator of CONHI student and faculty volunteers

Other Teaching Activities

  • 2015
    • 15-16 Year
      • Sept 2015 Community Health Nursing


        Integrate knowledge from nursing theory and public health science in assessing health care needs of aggregates, communities, and society. Prerequisite: NURS 4431, NURS 4441, NURS 4581.

  • 2016
    • 15-16 Year
      • Jan 2016 NURS


        Integrate knowledge from nursing theory and public health science in assessing health care needs of aggregates, communities, and society. Prerequisite: NURS 4431, NURS 4441, NURS 4581.