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Currently, I'm working on a PhD in Linguistics specializing in Speech Perception as it's related to speech rhythm/timing patterns.  Within  the field of Linguistics, I enjoy phonology and phonetics, especially in an acoustic lab environment.  Other areas that interest me are corpus studies, semantics, pragmatics, sociolinguistics, and TESOL with an emphasis on American English pronunciation (some times known as "accent reduction").  

Teaching experience includes teaching undergraduate linguistic courses at UTA, as well as American English Pronunciation and Public Speaking Skills for international students in the Pre-MBA program at University of Dallas.  

I also coach little league base ball, youth soccer, lead a Cub Scout den, and if after all that, I have spare time, I like to be out on a boat with family, pretending to know how to fish while teaching kids to enjoy "non-digital" life.

Professional Preparation

Professional Preparation

    • 2009 TESOL Certificate in Linguistics/TESOL, UTA  University of Texas at Arlington
    • 2003 BS in Computer Science, (Minor in Linguistics) Texas A&M University System (TAMU)
    • 1996 AAS in Aeronautical Technology and Management, San Jacinto College



    • Sept 2016 to May 2018 Graduate Teaching Assistant (LING LING 4354)/ Department Lab/Web page tech
      University of Texas at Arlington
    • Jan 2008 to May 2009 Gradute Teaching Assistant/Lecturer LING 2301
      University of Texas at Arlington
    • Sept 2007 to May 2008 Graduate Teaching Assistant
      University of Texas at Arlngton   Dept of Linguistics and TESOL
    • Sept 2006 to May 2008 Graduate Research Assistant
      University of Texas at Arlington   Dept of Linguistics and TESOL


  • Membership
    • Sept 2008 to Sept 2014 ISCA, International Speech Communication Association

Awards and Honors

    • Feb  2009 Yumi Nakamura Memorial Prize sponsored by Dept of Linguistics and TESOL
    • Apr  2008 "University Scholar" at President’s Convocation for Academic Excellence sponsored by UTA
    • Aug  2006 UTA Dean of Graduate Studies Doctoral Fellowship sponsored by University of Texas at Arlington


      • Conference Proceeding

        Benton, Matthew. 2012. From PVI to Perception: A Return to the Roots of Rhythm in Broadcast News. in Proceedings INTERSPEECH 2012, Portland, Oregon.

        {Peer Reviewed }

      • Conference Proceeding

        Benton, M. (2010, May). A Preliminary Analysis of the Relationship of Speech Rate to Speech-Timing Metrics as applied to Large Corpora of Non-Laboratory Speech in English and Chinese Broadcast News. Speech Prosody 2010, Chicago, Illinois.

        {Peer Reviewed }

      • Conference Proceeding

        Benton, M. and  Dockendorf, L. (2008, September). A Comparison of Two Acoustic Measurement Approaches to the Rhythm Continuum of Natural Chinese and English Speech. INTERSPEECH 2008, Brisbane, Australia.

        {Peer Reviewed }
      • Conference Proceeding

        Dockendorf, L;  Almubayei, D.; & Benton, M. (2008, September). Testing a Large Corpus of Natural Standard Arabic for Rhythm Class.  INTERSPEECH 2008, Brisbane, Australia.

        {Peer Reviewed }

      • Conference Proceeding

        Benton, Dockendorf, Jin, Liu, & Edmondson. (2007, August). The Continuum of Speech Rhythm: Computational Testing of Speech Rhythm of Large Corpora from Natural Chinese and English Speech.. ICPhS XVI, Saarbrücken, Germany.

        {Peer Reviewed }


    • February  2010 Is there Rhythm when the Beat Changes? (at UTASCILT)

      A study of Speech rhythm using PVI (Pairwise Variability Index) in "spoken" songs, military cadences, and broadcast news.

    • March  2009 The Speech Timing Pattern of Choctaw: A Preliminary Study (at UTASCILT)

      (With Lynnelle (Rhinier) Brown)
      A preliminary study of the speech rhythm of spoken Choctaw, utilizing native speakers reading a traditional Choctaw story, speech was recorded and analyzed.

      Second Place Winner of the Yumi Nakamura Memorial Prize

    • November  2007 I'd Like to Buy ə Schwa: A Corpus Approach to Vowel Reduction in American English (at UTASCILT)

      (With Liz Dockendorf)
      A study of rate of occurance of vowels and vowel reduction using a large corpus of spoken English broadcast news.

    • May  2007 The Language Used In Advertisements: What Are We Suppose To Remember? (at Cultural Constructions II)

      A preliminary study of the types of language (words, phrases, idioms, jingles) used in television advertisements that the consumer should remember about a product.

    • March  2007 It’s Not Always What, but How You Say It: A Pilot Study of Duration, Pitch, Intensity & The Letter M (at UTA ACES)

      A preliminary look at using re-synthesized sound files, in this case a prolonged "M" sound, to convey a sense of emotion to a listener. 

    • March  2006 Using Corpus Linguistics as a Tool for Second Language Learning: Learning Spanish Gender (at UTA ACES)

      A corpus study on the differences between the use of "la" and "el" for the Spanish word "radio" and how providing actual language use might help a non-native speaker understand the semantic meanings behind either gender.

Support & Funding

Support & Funding

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Other Research Activities

Other Research Activities

  • 2008
    • Research Positions
      • May 2008 Graduate Research Assistant

        Sept 2007 to May 2008: Graduate Research Assistant – 
                 under Dr. Jerold Edmondson (Continuation of work on previous UTD-UTA grant)

        Sept 2006 to Apr 2007: University of Texas at Dallas & University of Texas at Arlington
                  Joint Research Grant: Working under Dr. Jerold Edmondson, UTA, and Dr. Yang Liu, UTD
                  Aspects of Prosody as Used in Chinese and English


        Linguistics 3330 is an introduction to the sound components of human
        language: phonetics and phonology. Students will explore the range of speech sounds found in human languages; learn to transcribe speech sounds according to standards used by linguists; consider the systematicity inherent in sound systems across languages; and begin to learn the notational and theoretical devices employed by linguists in analyzing phonological phenomena.

        Spring - Regular Academic Session - 2009 Download Syllabus 1 Link

Other Teaching Activities

Other Teaching Activities

  • 2010
    • Professional Deveolpment Consultant
      • Dec 2010 Accent Reduction Specialist

        Jul 2010 to Dec 2010:
        University of Dallas, College of Business Enrollment office as Personal Tutor for a non-native English speaking staff member who was responsible for recruiting and communicating with prospective students, but who had strong native language influences on his spoken English. 

  • 2009
    • Courses Taught at University of Dallas
      • Dec 2009 MBA Business Writing Seminar

        Sept 2009 to Dec 2009: Adjunct Position:  Graduate School of Management (GSM)/Pre-MBA:                           Instructor – MBA Business Writing Seminar & Grader – Pre-MBA Business Writing Seminar 

        Helping non-native American English (International) students enrolled in MBA and Pre-MBA curriculum improve written English communication skills in an American business environment.  

  • 2012
    • Courses Taught at University of Dallas
      • May 2012 Adjunct Instructor: American English Pronounciation

        Sept 2009 - May 2010 & Aug 2011-May 2012

        Introduction to American English sounds and sound system for the purpose of reducing language interference from other native languages (also called accent reduction), as well as increasing communication skills in an American business environment.  Students learn to listen for and hear differences in American English sounds that they may not have realized were important.  They will also be instructed and practice sounds that may not be familiar to them in their own language(s) or that they may be making incorrectly.

    • Courses Taught at University of Dallas
      • May 2012 Adjunct Instructor: Public Speaking Skills (for Non-Native American English Speakers)

        Aug 2011-May 2012:

        Introduction to various presentation formats and different types of presentations for business settings (primarily for non-American English speakers).  This course is designed to relate to the Business Writing class so that students should be able to use the same topics for both courses and give oral presentations of their previously written assignments. Types of presentations covered include: descriptive, compare/contrast, persuasive, pro/con, cause/effect, etc.  

  • 2008
    • Graduate Teaching Assistant
      • Jan 2008 Graduate Teaching Assistant

        Jan 2008 to May 2008 Graduate Teaching Assistant – Laboratory Phonology (LING 5322)  
        under Dr. Jerold Edmondson

        Sept 2007 to Dec 2007: Graduate Teaching Assistant – Formal Syntax (LING 5330)
        under Dr. Donald Burquest

  • 2016
    • Graduate Teaching Assistant
      • Sept 2016 Graduate Teaching Assistant

        Sept 2016 to Dec 2016 & Jan 2017 to May 2017 Graduate Teaching Assistant – TESOL: Methods and Materials (LING 4354) under Dr. Jessica Rohr 

Service to the Community

Service to the Community

  • Volunteered
    • Sept 2014 to  Present Cub Scout Den Leader

      Leading young boys through their Cub Scout adventure in partnership with their parents in Cub Scout Pack 398 in Arlington, TX.

    • Sept 2013 to  Present Youth Sports Coach

      Coach youth soccer though Arlington YMCA and Arlington Soccer Association (ASA) and Little League baseball though Arlington YMCA and Arlington Southwest Little League (ASWLL)

Service to the Profession

  • Volunteered
    • Sept 2012 to  Sept 2012 ISCA Conference Volunteer

      INTERSPEECH 2012 – Portland, Oregon

    • Aug 2010 to  Aug 2010 ISCA Conference Volunteer Assistant

      Speech Prosody 2010 Chicago, Illinois

    • Sept 2005 to  Mar 2010 UTASCILT Organization & Planning Team

      Work both as a member and officer in Lingua in various capacities to help plan, organize, judge abstracts, judge presentations for UTASCIL 13 in 2005 through UTASCILT 17 in 2010. 

      *UTASCIL  which was changed to UTASCILT in 2006 (to include the TESOL) is the UTA Student Conference in Linguistics and TESOL that is put on an run by the Lingua "The Linguistics Circle" student group at UTA. 

Service to the University

  • Volunteered
    • Jan 2007 to  May 2007 Layout Editor and Web Design

      University of Texas at Arlington Working Papers in Linguistics
              Volume 2, 2007