Dr Maxine Davis

[Dr Maxine Davis]

Assistant Professor, Social Work
Last Updated: April 14, 2021
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Research Interests

Research Interests
Intimate Partner Violence/Abuse (IPV/A) Perpetration; Health/Wellbeing of Black/African American & Latinx Populations; Program Evaluation; Community Based Participatory Research; Culturally Relevant Psychometric Measurement; Social Policy

Teaching Interests

Teaching Interests
Intimate Partner Violence/Abuse; Diversity; Research Methods; Human Behavior in the Social Environment; Human Sexuality; Social Work Practice with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Populations; Program Evaluation; Community Based Participatory Research.



Dr. Maxine Davis is a second generation activist who is passionate about discovering how to end violence perpetration in romantic and intimate relationships. She currently serves as an Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at Arlington in the School of Social Work. Most of her research uses a community-engaged approach, centering the voices of historically excluded populations. Her independent and collaborative work has been published in several highly regarded academic journals.



    • Sept 2018 to Present Assistant Professor
      Social Work , The University of Texas at Arlington
    • Dec 2012 to June 2013 Program Coordinator
      Future Philanthropists Program, Oak Park-River Forest Community Foundation (River Forest, IL, United States)
      Managed a program focused on youth-led philanthropy, while being involved in strategically planning to transition it into an independent 501c3 instead of a program housed within the local community foundation. The program taught high school students the tenants of investing charitable dollars, evaluative practices, and fundraising by allowing them to annually award $25,000 in grants to local non-profits.
    • Dec 2007 to Apr 2012 Staff/Volunteer/Intern
      Black Alliance for Educational Options (St. Louis, MO, Ukraine)
      • Advocated for legislative reform regarding the proper education of students in unaccredited school districts with special attention on the education of ethnic minorities • Responsible for maintaining parents attendance to monthly community meetings • Organized logistics for meetings with Missouri State Representatives and Congresspersons • Wrote articles on special events and educated parents on the initiatives lead by the organization
    • Aug 2010 to May 2011 Group Facilitator/Intern
      Center for Advancing Domestic Peace (Chicago, IL, Ukraine)
      Using a feminist perspective, facilitated psycho-educational partner abuse intervention groups for men and women. During the course of this appointment, I also performed the following duties: Conducted individual domestic violence, substance abuse, mental health assessments; Submitted proposals for new types of domestic violence prevention groups; Updated court systems on the progression or non-compliance of court mandated participants; Wrote psychosocial assessments and performed general case management.
    • Oct 2006 to Dec 2008 Behavioral Management Staff
      Behavioral Intervention Services (St. Louis, MO)
      • Implemented the personalized behavioral plans of individuals with developmental disabilities/mental health disorders one-on-one in an in-home setting • Daily use of Applied Behavioral Analysis • Data collection and maintenance


    • Jan 2014 to Present Society for Social Work and Research
      The Society for Social Work and Research advances, disseminates, and translates research that addresses issues of social work practice and policy and promotes a diverse, just, and equitable society.

Awards and Honors

    • Sep  2020 Recognized as having a significant impact on undergraduate student learning sponsored by Undergraduate Student
    • Aug  2019 2020 Linda Saltzman New Investigator Award Nominee sponsored by Futures Without Violence, CDC Foundation, Raliance
    •  2017 Father Samuel Mazzuchelli Award sponsored by Dominican University
    •  2017 Outstanding Alumni Award sponsored by Dominican University

News Articles

News Articles

    • Oct 2020 Dallas Observer
      Quoted as follows:

      On Sept. 28, Catherine A. LaBrenz and Maxine Davis, two assistant professors at UTA's School of Social Work, wrote an open letter in support of reuniting Baucum with Journi. They said that Black children are overrepresented across the child welfare system, from initial referrals to removals.
      "Unfortunately, Brianna’s case is reflective of the systemic anti-Black racism and bias present in systems that should support and preserve families," the professors wrote. "As scholars and social work professionals, we believe Brianna Baucum and support her."
    • Sept 2020 Channel 27 News & Entertainment
      Dr. Davis filmed in documentary with quotes as follows:
      "Brianna Baucum's story represents the tragedy of what happens when racism across various systems collide. Brianna encountered racism in the sense of personal discrimination by another person who was harassing her and weaponized the child protective services system against her by filing false allegations. Although most allegations that are filed in the CPS system have some legitimacy to them, often times they don't. And people maliciously weaponize the CPS system against folks who they wish to cause harm to. As a domestic violence expert, I focus on the experiences of Black families across a variety of systems and how that impacts their day to day life and encounters with the carceral system and policing. The field of social work is not immune to perpetuating anti-Black racism."

    • July 2020
      Quoted as follows:
      Social work professor Maxine Davis said minority hiring needs to deliberately include administrative and tenured or tenured track positions, not just adjunct professor roles. “[Adjuncts] do not have the institutional power that a tenured track, tenured faculty member or administrator would,” she said. “So you might see a lot of Black people on campus, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are in a position to enact substantial change and occupy spaces of substantial power.”
      Davis said that UTA could follow in the steps of other colleges and universities that have provost-funded diversity fellowships that intentionally target postdoctoral scholars to attract and transition them into a tenured track position........

      To begin the process of resolving racial issues, Davis said an annual or semesterly institution wide culture and climate survey would allow students, faculty and staff to anonymously share their honest opinions and campus experiences regarding race. This is something she’s seen done at other universities.
      “When we think about evaluating culture and climates of any organization, that’s typically a best practice that institutions invest in,” she said. “And then they can evaluate again the progression of any intervention that’s put into place.”
      Then, diversity education for both employees and students can be another step to creating a better campus culture.
    • July 2020 Shorthorn
      Quoted as follows:
      While dealing with microaggressions and overt racism, they don’t see themselves represented among faculty, staff and administration. Meanwhile, Black faculty are often forced to maneuver through spaces that seemingly don’t want to accept them.
      For social work professor Ryon J. Cobb, for instance, being Black at UTA means leaving UTA.
      Cobb said although there has been a push for diversity and equity at the administrative level during his time at UTA, he doesn’t believe every department on campus embraces those ideals.
      “When I talked to other Black faculty members here, [I] hear variations in their experience[s],” he said.
      Cobb said that across the higher education landscape, Black faculty face common issues, such as colleagues not valuing their work or students questioning their authority. But those are not the reasons he’s decided to leave UTA.
      In 2018, Cobb and fellow social work professor Maxine Davis received an anonymous letter in the mail.
      The letter attacked Davis and Cobb, with some of the comments demeaning how they speak, saying that Davis doesn’t speak professionally or like someone with a Ph.D.
      “It doesn’t necessarily call me the N-word,” she said. “[But] for someone to assume that someone with a doctoral education has to speak in a certain type of manner really is a representation of white supremacy in [academia].”
      The letter came after several faculty meetings where Davis said she spoke out about improving the culture of her department and discussing microaggressions she’d experienced during her time at the university. These microaggressions include someone telling her how to speak or someone touching her hair. Based on the fact that the content of the letter related to those meetings, she said she knows it was sent by a fellow faculty member.
      Davis said the Title IX Office ruled that what she experienced was problematic, and administrators instructed her to notify the police department if she received another letter. Cobb said he appreciated the president and provost’s response, but the original response from the School of Social Work was “admittedly weak.”
      Following the discovery of the letter, social work faculty were sent an email about the incident.
      The email said that although members of the department may think they are “meeting or exceeding these principles and standards of diversity,” the recent incident “demonstrated that there may be room for improvement, self-reflection and learning.”
      The email encouraged faculty to take the Harvard Project Implicit Bias Test and suggested they were “exploring other ways we may be able to address” the issue.
      Cobb said the incident made it harder for him to focus on his job because he had to worry about who sent the letter, how much power they potentially had and what could come next.
      This was all during their first year at UTA.
      “I knew very early on that although I saw people liked me, that it didn’t necessarily mean that [I] in my full authentic self was welcomed and affirmed,” Davis said. “And I continue to experience further incidents that confirm that.”
      Despite this, Davis said she doesn’t plan on leaving the university. Instead, she hopes to speak out as much as necessary to push for a better environment within the university.
      Cobb, though, is moving on to the University of Georgia. After other incidents, including one where a white student worker yelled at him during a diversity meeting, he said he had to leave UTA.
      Cobb’s departure further minimizes the number of Black faculty at UTA.
      According to the National Center of Education, out of the 1,004 full-time instructional staff at UTA for the 2018-2019 academic year, 50 were Black or African American, with 26 of them being on contract for less than one year. Out of the 442 tenured faculty, 13 were Black. Out of the 119 tenured track faculty, five were Black. Out of the 177 lecturers in a one-year contract, only six were Black.
    • Dec 2019 MSN Canada
      A study conducted by Maxine Davis, UTA assistant professor of social work, and her collaborator at Washington University revealed that people who have committed domestic violence or abuse and take part in batterer intervention programs are three times less likely to reoffend for domestic violence, MSN.com reported in a story on the effectiveness of these programs in Canada.

Support & Funding

Support & Funding

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    • June 2019 to Aug 2020 A Longitudial Investigation of a Novel Trauma and Substance Use Treatment for Influencing Impacting the Mental Health and Violence Outcomes of Probationers sponsored by  -  $15000


      In Process
      • Book Chapter
        Trauma-Informed and Oppression-Sensitive Intervention for those Who Engage in Intimate Partner Violence
        The Routledge Handbook of Domestic Violence and Abuse
        [Taft, CaseyT, Davis, Maxine, Cole, Hannah, Franz, Molly, Johnson, Gabby]. London. Accepted.

      In Process
      • Journal Article
        “We’re in this together”: Perceived effects of breast cancer on African American survivors’ marital relationships
        [Thompson, Tess, Davis, Maxine, Perez, Maria, Jonson-Reid, Melissa, Jeffe, Donna]. Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research . Accepted.
      • Journal Article
        Racial/Ethnic Discrimination Increases Risk for Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration through Poor Mental Health in Black Adults
        [Maldonado, Ana, Murphy, Chris, Davis, Maxine , Evans, Michelle, Zonderman, Alan]. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. Submitted.
      • Journal Article
        The Indirect Effects of PTSD, Depression, and Anxiety Disorders on the Association between COVID-19 Cases/Symptoms and IPV Perpetration in the United States General Population
        [Gilbar, Ohad, Padilla-Medina, Diana, Portnoy, Galina, Davis, Maxine ]. Journal of Abnormal Psychology. Submitted.
      • Journal Article
        Examining the Role of National Context: Do Country Conditions during Childhood Impact Perpetration of Dating Violence in Emerging Adulthood?
        [Davis, Maxine , Ombayo, Bernadette, Gilbar, Ohad]. Journal of Interpersonal Violence. Submitted.
      • Journal Article
        Danger! Anti-Black Practices Take a Heavy Toll on Mental Health
        [Davis, Maxine ]. Nature. Revising to Resubmit.
      • Journal Article
        Is the phrase “intimate partner violence” outdated? Historical and Practical Considerations
        [Davis, Maxine]. Aggression and Violent Behavior. Submitted.
      • Journal Article
        Motivational Interviewing & Batterer Treatment: A Scoping Review
        [Davis, Maxine , Williams, Jessica, Gilbar, Ohad]. Journal of Family Violence. Revising to Resubmit.

      • Journal Article
        The Dual Use of Religious-Faith in Intimate Partner Abuse Perpetration: Perspectives of Latino Men in a Parish-based Intervention Program
        [Davis, Maxine, Jonson-Reid, Melissa]. Social Work & Christianity. 47(4), 71-95. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/DOI: 10.34043/SWC.V47I3.109
      • Journal Article
        Exploring Black Clergy Perspectives on Religious/ Spiritual Related Domestic Violence: First Steps in Facing those Who Wield the Sword Abusively
        [Davis, Maxine, Johnson, Maxine]. Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/10926771.2020.1738615
      • Journal Article
        “The Men’s Group” at St. Pius V: A Case Study of a in a Parish-Based Voluntary Partner Abuse Intervention Program
        [Davis, Maxine, Dahm, Charles, Jonson-Reid, Melissa, Fernandez, Bruno, Stoops, Charles, Sabri, Bushra]. American Journal of Men's Health. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/https://doi.org/10.1177/1557988319891287

      • Journal Article
        Brief Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration Screening Tools: A Scoping Review
        [Davis, Maxine, Padilla Medina, Diana]. Trauma, Violence, & Abuse.
      • Journal Article
        Pathways to Seeking Help from a Partner Abuse Intervention Program: A Qualitative Study of Voluntary and Non-Court Mandated Latino Men’s Experiences
        [Davis, Maxine, Bruno, Fernandez, Jonson-Reid, Melissa, Kyriakakis, Stavroula]. Journal of Interpersonal Violence. 1-25.
      • Journal Article
        Compared to what? A Meta-analysis of Batterer Intervention Studies using Non-Treated Controls or Comparisons
        [Cheng, Shih-Ying, Davis, Maxine, Jonson-Reid, Melissa, Yaeger, Lauren]. Trauma, Violence & Abuse. 1-16. "Sage". DOI: http://dx.doi.org/https://doi.org/10.1177/1524838019865927

      • Journal Article
        Gender differences in experiences of social support among men and women releasing from prison
        [Pettus-Davis, Carrie, Veeh, Christopher, Davis, Maxine, Tripodi, Stephen]. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. 35(9), 1161-1182. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/https://doi.org/10.1177/0265407517705492


      • Written Case with Instructional Material
        Spotlight on UTA School of Social Work: Dr. Maxine Davis shares experiences with action research
        Foundations of Social Work Research
        [Davis, Maxine]. Textbook. 368-372. Arlington, TX: "Open Mavs Press".


    • November  2020
      Davis, Maxine (Author), "Hip Hop Music and Intimate Partner Violence: Shedding Light on the Songs That Intend to Raise Awareness", Virtual . (November 30, 2020).
    • November  2020
      Davis, Maxine, "Surviving Social Work & Suicide: An Autoethnography of Encounters with Racism, Sexism, Hetero-Centrism, and Mental Health Stigma in the 1st Year on the Tenure-Track", Virtual . (November 30, 2020).
    • March  2020
      Davis, Maxine, "Pathways to seeking help from a partner abuse intervention program: A qualitative study of voluntary and non-court mandated Latino men’s experiences", Scheduled for Chicago; Postponed. (March 19, 2020).
    • March  2020
      Davis, Maxine, "The men’s group at st. pius v: A case study of a parish-based voluntary partner abuse intervention program", Scheduled for Chicago; Postponed . (March 19, 2020).
    • February  2019
      Davis, Maxine, "IPV/A Amongst Black Americans: Myths, Realities, and Future Directions for Intervention", Center for African American Studies, Arlington, TX. (February 15, 2019).
    • January  2019
      Davis, Maxine, Fernandez, Bruno, Jonson-Reid, Melissa, "Pathways to Seeking Help from a Partner Abuse Intervention Program: A Qualitative Study of Voluntary and Non-Court Mandated Latino Men’s Experiences.", San Francisco, CA. (January 19, 2019).
    • January  2018
      Davis, Maxine (Author & Presenter), Dahm, Charles (Other), Jonson-Reid, Melissa (Other), Stoops, Charles (Other), Fernandez, Bruno (Other), O'Brien, Sharon (Other), Sabri, Bushra (Other), "The Men’s Group” at St. Pius V: A Case Study of a in a Voluntary Partner Abuse Intervention Program", Washington D.C.. (January , 2018).

Students Supervised

    • Aug 2020
      Master's Thesis Committee Member
      Vanessa Hentz, (Social Work)


        (Course Id: 109035)
        Spring - Regular Academic Session - 2021 Download Syllabus
        (Course Id: 109035)
        Spring - Regular Academic Session - 2021 Download Syllabus
      • SOCW 5301-024 HUMAN BEHAV & SOCIAL ENV I
        (Course Id: 108961)
        Fall - Regular Academic Session - 2020 Download Syllabus
      • SOCW 5301-025 HUMAN BEHAV & SOCIAL ENV I
        (Course Id: 108961)
        Fall - Regular Academic Session - 2020
        (Course Id: 109035)
        Fall - Regular Academic Session - 2020
        (Course Id: 109035)
        Fall - Regular Academic Session - 2020
      • SOCW 5301-005 HUMAN BEHAV & SOCIAL ENV I
        (Course Id: 108961)
        Spring - Regular Academic Session - 2020
      • SOCW 5301-007 HUMAN BEHAV & SOCIAL ENV I
        (Course Id: 108961)
        Spring - Regular Academic Session - 2020 Download Syllabus
      • SOCW 5301-008 HUMAN BEHAV & SOCIAL ENV I
        (Course Id: 108961)
        Spring - Regular Academic Session - 2020 Download Syllabus
      • SOCW 5396-005 THESIS RESEARCH
        (Course Id: 109100)
        Spring - Regular Academic Session - 2020
        (Course Id: 108928)
        Fall - Regular Academic Session - 2019
        (Course Id: 108928)
        Fall - Regular Academic Session - 2019
      • SOCW 5301-001 HUMAN BEHAV & SOCIAL ENV I
        (Course Id: 108961)
        Spring - Winter Intersession - 2019 Download Syllabus
        (Course Id: 108928)
        Fall - Regular Academic Session - 2018 Download Syllabus

Service to the University

    • Sept 2018 to  Present Committee Member
      Health Specialization Committee
    • Sept 2019 to  May 2020 Committee Member
      Professional Standards Committee
      Uphold professional standards of social work students by managing community ethics complaints and investigations.
    • Apr 2020 to  Apr 2020 Workshop Organizer
      University of Texas at Arlington
      At the request of the Vice Provost of Faculty Affairs (Dr. Toni Sol), I was invited to develop and present a workshop for faculty across campus. The workshop title was planned to be "Illustrate the Vision and Make it Simple: Developing and Promoting a Focused Research Agenda". Description: The purpose of this 50-minute interactive workshop is to inspire faculty to think about how they can convey a strategic five-year research plan in an easily digestible format. Already have clear plan of your research agenda in an infographic?—Great, the session also offers tips on how to promote your research to the masses by leveraging existing UTA resources. The key points Maxine drives home in order to stick to your plan are: 1. Know your passion 2. Protect your energy by being purposeful 3. Get comfortable saying no.
    • Apr 2019 to  Aug 2019 Committee Member
      An Evening of Black Excellence (Black Graduation), The Center for African American Studies
      As a planning committee member, I provided feedback on the organization/logistics of the event, proofread program materials, and assisted on the day of the event as needed
    • Sept 2018 to  Aug 2019 Faculty Associate
      Center for African American Studies
    • Past to  Mar 2019 Faculty Volunteer
      The Inter-professional Education Community Action Poverty Simulation
      The community action poverty simulation was created as a way to help people better understand the realities of poverty. During the simulation 50 UTA students from Athletic Training, Undergraduate Nursing, Graduate Nursing, Public health and Social work role-played the lives of low-income families in a half day event. My responsibility was to play the role of a service provider who distributed travel vouchers (bus passes) at my own discretion to participants, keeping track of who received resources. The event was planned to help students explore different roles of healthcare professionals and give a simulated glimpse into the difficulties families have in navigating complex systems in for basic survival.
    • Past to  Sept 2018 Attendee, Meeting
      Chancellors Meeting
      Chancellor Milliken visited the UTA campus in September 2018 and requested a meeting with a small group of faculty members. I was invited by Dr. Karbhari to attend the meeting and share perspectives on how to improve our University. Given the limited time I had been in residence as a faculty member at that time, I advocated for what I had noticed until that point. My primary contribution to the discussion was advocating for/suggesting institutional practices and supports to ensure that the tenure-track/tenured faculty across the various schools at UTA be as racially/ethnically diverse as the student body.

Service to the Profession

    • Nov 2018 to  Apr 2019
      Reviewer, Journal Article
      Qualitative Health Research

Service to the Community

Service to the Community

    • Apr 2020 to  Apr 2020
      Independent Community Members
      In collaboration with community clergy members I designed and funded a public service announcement targeting the Black church in the spring of 2020 with the aim of encouraging physical social distancing in order to protect populations that were vulnerable to heath disparities amid the COVID-19 pandemic. See weblink below to view the video:
    • Apr 2019 to  Aug 2019
      Volunteer Faculty (Grand Prairie , TX,
      Grand Prairie Storm Athletics Research Enhancement Program
      Over the course of 12 weeks during weekly 2-hour sessions, I trained a group of high school and 8th grade students on intimate partner violence and qualitative data analysis while mentoring them in working on a youth-led research project focused on IPV and hop-hop music. Four of the 2019 research interns presented the research findings at Texas A&M University in July 2019. The interns, program director, and I are in the process of drafting a manuscript, which will be submitted for publication in an academic journal.