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Nandu J Nagarajan


[Nagarajan, Nandu J]
  • Professor, Accounting


Nandu J. Nagarajan is the Accounting Alumni Endowed Professor at the College of Business, University of Texas at Arlington, Former Full Professor at the Katz Graduate School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh, and is a Visiting Professor of Accounting and Finance at the Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration in Bangkok, Thailand. Dr. Nagarajan’s research interests are in the areas of the Economics of Contracts, Corporate Governance, Disclosure and Fraud, Auditor Incentives and Liablity and Law and Financial Economics. His teaching interests are in the areas of Managerial Accounting, Strategic Cost Management, Corporate Governance and Performance Measurement and Management Control. He has published extensively in the leading research journals in Accounting, Finance and Business.

Dr. Nagarajan was Academic Director of the ‘Management Program for Executives’ and ‘Financial Thinking for Non Financial Managers’ at the Katz School.  He has received numerous teaching awards including the Katz School’s ‘Excellence in Teaching Award’ several times, and the Outstanding Teacher of the Year award from EMBA students enrolled in Pitt’s EMBA (Pittsburgh), EMBA (Prague) and EMBA (Manchester) programs. In addition to his Business School teaching experience he has taught in numerous executive and corporate training programs in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Dr. Nagarajan is a past member of the editorial boards of The Accounting Review and the Journal of Management Accounting Research and past associate editor of the Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance. He is also a referee for several journals in accounting, economics and finance. He has extensive work experience with Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd and has also provided consulting services on cost reduction and performance measurement to several organizations including major hospitals, ISA, Copperweld, Fiserv, L.B. Foster, Kodak, Siam Cement Group, Timkin, Westinghouse and several companies in China, Eastern Europe, South America and Thailand.


    • Aug 1984 to July 2014 Professor
      The University of Pittsburgh


  • Membership
    • Oct 1995 to Present Financial Management Association  American Finance Association
    • Oct 1985 to Present American Accounting Association
    • Oct 1975 to Present Chartered Global Management Accountants


      Journal Article Published
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        {Journal Article }