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Last Updated: January 16, 2014
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      • Book Review

        Carter, Natalie Raun.  Book notice.  The Functional Analysis of English: A Hallidayan Approach, 2nd ed.  In Language, Volume 83, Number 1, September 2007.

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      • Journal Article

        Carter, Natalie Raun.  Article.  We Shall Be Watching You, You’re Going to Die, and Other Threats: A Corpus-Based Linguistic Approach.  UTA Working Papers in Linguistics.  The University of Texas at Arlington.  February 2010.

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    • October  2009

      Carter, Natalie Raun.  Dissertation Proposal Defense.  A Corpus-Based Study of Threats. Department of Linguistics and TESOL.  The University of Texas at Arlington, November 2009.

    • October  2006

      Sears, Natalie Raun.  Presentation.  A Corpus-Based Study of Non-terrorist vs. Terrorist Threats.  UTASCILT Conference. The University of Texas at Arlington. November 02, 2006.

    • March  2005

      Sears, Natalie Raun.  Presentation.  Who’s on First?: The Rise and Fall of Abbott and Costello.  ACES Conference. The University of Texas at Arlington. April 01, 2005.