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Neal N Mccollom


[Mccollom, Neal N]


Dr. Neal McCollom is an Adjunct Professor with ISME and is a full time employee of Lockheed Martin Aeronautics in Fort Worth.  He currently holds the position of Technical Lead for the F-35 Anomaly and Failure Resolution System, which is the system which the maintainers use to resolve faults on the F-35.  He is also the Aeronautics Lead for the Off-Board Prognostics and Health Management system which manages the health reporting data coming off the aircraft after each flight.  He has been involved in 'aircraft health' for the last 10 years and earned the title of Lockheed Martin Fellow in 2008 - an honor reserved for the top 0.75% of the technical staff of the Lockheed Martin Corporation.  He is currently co-chair of the corporate Sustainment Fellows Action Team. Previously, he has manged Internal Research and Development projects examining the impact of events on the sustainment of the entire fleet of Lockheed Martin aircraft.  He has also led the development and process to perform System Engineering Technical Reviews for the Autonomic Logistics Global Sustainment (ALGS) organization which provided a structured Systems Engineering approach to the development of the Aeronautics systems and products.  He was the Prognistics and Health Management integrator between ALGS and the Air Vehicle integrated product team.  Dr. McCollom was the Knowledge Based Systems lead for the Virtual Product Development Initiative which developed new and improved engineering tools to better support the F-35.   Dr. McCollom has also worked in the F-22 program helping to define the delivery of digital design data and supported multiple manufacturing systems efforts in inventory control, shop floor scheeuling, and simuilation.  He led the corporate Artificial Intelligence Working Group for two years culminating in an internal AI conference across multiple divisions of the corporation.  Dr. McCollom is a registered Professional Engineer in Texas, and is an Adjunct Professor for the Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering department at UTA and serves on their Industrial Advisory Board.

Professional Preparation

    • 1981 Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering
    • 1974 M.S. in Industrial Engineering and ManagementOklahoma State University
    • 1973 B.S. in Industrial Engineering and ManagementOklahoma State University


    • Jan 2008 to Present Adjunct Professor
      University of Texas at Arlington
    • Nov 2008 to Jan 2013 Lockheed Martin Fellow
      Lockheed Martin Corporation
    • May 1973 to Present Member
      Alpha Pi Mu
    • Jan 1983 to Jan 2008 Lockheed Martin
      Lockheed Martin Corporation
    • Jan 1981 to Jan 1983 Assist Professor
      University of Missouri - Columbia


  • Membership
    • Sept 2012 to Present SAE
    • Nov 2010 to Present Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
    • May 1975 to Present Order of the Engineer

Awards and Honors

    • Oct  2008 Lockheed Martin Fellow sponsored by Lockheed Martin Corporation

      Was a recognized industry expert in Prognotics and Health Management.  Published in the field and supported multiple award fee items for the F-35 program. 


      An honor which is reserved for the top 0.75% of the technical staff of the corporation.  This is through a comprehensive nomination/approval process which must include vice president support.


      Conference Paper 2007
      • N. McCollom. "Prognostics and Health Management – the Key to Supportability and Affordability on the JSF," presented at the Product Lifecycle Management track at the 2007 SAE AeroTech Congress & Exhibition, August 2007.
        {Conference Paper} [Non-refereed/non-juried]
      • N. McCollom, E. Brown, E. Moore, and A. Hess. "Prognostics and Health Management - A Data-Driven Approach to Supporting the F-35 Lightning II," presented at IEEE Aerospace Conference, Big Sky, MT, March 2007.
        {Conference Paper} [Refereed/Juried]

      Conference Paper 1999
      • N. McCollom. "The Integration of Requirements into an Engineering Design Session Using Knowledge Based Systems," presented at 1999 Software Technology Conference, May 1999.
        {Conference Paper} [Refereed/Juried]

      Lecture/Speech 1993
      • Neal McCollom. Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing. 7th Annual Oklahoma Conference on Artificial Intelligence. November 1993.
        {Lecture/Speech} [Refereed/Juried]

      Journal Article 1990
      • N. McCollom and L. T. Blank. "New Programming Style Cuts Systems Life Cycle Costs," Journal of Cost Management for the Manufacturing Industry, 1990.
        {Journal Article} [Refereed/Juried]

      Conference Proceeding 1990
      • N. McCollom, P. D. Cullinane, and D. Thornhill. "The Human Elements of IDEF," in 1990 IDEF User's Group Conference (1990).
        {Conference Proceeding} [Refereed/Juried]



        This class provides students with the basic decision making tools required to analyze engineering project alternatives in terms of their worth and cost, an essential element of engineering practice.  Students are introduced to the concept of the time value of money and the methodology of basic engineering economy techniques.  The class also provides students with the background to enable them to pass the Engineering Economy portion of the Fundamentals of Engineering exam.  The class has many applications in personal life.  This course satisfies the University of Texas at Arlington core curriculum requirement in social and behavioral sciences.

        Fall - Regular Academic Session - 2015 Download Syllabus Contact info & Office Hours
        Tools and methods used for determining the comparative financial desirability of engineering alternatives. Prerequisite: MATH 1426 or concurrent enrollment.
        Spring - Regular Academic Session - 2013 Download Syllabus

Other Service Activities

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    • Dec  Register Professional Engineer
      Texas #44109
    • Dec  Company Representative, Program for Automation in Manufacturing, Texas A&M University
      Provided input and project requirements for student/company cooperative projects
    • Dec  Industrial Fellow, Automation and Robotics Research Institute
      provided internal programmatic review and relevance assessment to the aerospace industry
  • Board member
    • Aug 2014 Chair, Industrial Advisory Board, Industrial Engineering & Management, Oklahoma State University

      Interact with Students and Faculty. Assist the department in preparing for the ABET accreditation.

    • Aug 2014 Industrial Advisory Board, Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering - UTA

      Member of the UTA IMSE Industrial Advisory Board