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Professional Preparation

    • 2004 PhD in Urban AffairsUniversity of Texas - Arlington
    • 1989 MSN in child healthUniversity of Texas - Arlington
    • 1983 BSN Texas Christian University (TCU)
    • 2008 post-doctoral fellowship in researchUniversity of California, San Francisco
    • 2006 NIH fellowship in molecular geneticsNational Institute for Nursing Research


    • Jan 2007 to Present Assist Professor
      University of Texas at Arlington
    • Jan 2007 to Present Director, Genomics Translational Research Lab
      University of Texas at Arlington
    • Jan 2004 to Jan 2007 Assist Professor
      Texas Christian University (TCU)

Research and Expertise

  • Patricia Newcomb

    Dr. Newcomb's research interests focus on childhood respiratory health and include symptom management, health promotion for children with asthma, gene-environment interactions in respiratory conditions, population health disparities, use of genomic markers to predict asthma severity, symptoms, and response to treatment,  and the role and effectiveness of genomic health policy. Current research includes investigations of DNA methylation in children with asthma and the effects of glutathione-S-transferase polymorphisms and air pollution on airway inflammation and lung function in children with asthma during exercise.


      Journal Article 2013
      Book Chapter 2013
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      Journal Article 2012
      • Newcomb, P., Hunt, A., Rast, P., Cauble, D., Rowe, N., & Li, J. (2012). Acute Effects of Walking Environment and GSTM1 Variants in Children with Asthma. Biological Research for Nursing. 14(1): 56-65.  
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      • Newcomb, P., Raudonis, B., Snow, D., & Cauble, D. (2012) Transmission of family health  information within families. Open Journal of Nursing, 2:15-22 doi:10.4236/ojn.2012.21003  
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      • Newcomb, P. (2012)Spreadsheet and relational database programs: Useful tools for peri-operative  nurses. Peri-operative  Nursing Clinics of North America, 7(2): 211-221.
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      Conference Proceeding 2011
      • Newcomb, P. & Raudonis, B. (2011). Systematizing the cultivation of nurse scientists at the undergraduate level. In Learning Across Disciplines, 2011 Mentoring Conference Proceedings, pp 105-109.
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      Journal Article 2011
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      Conference Proceeding 2010
      • *Newcomb, P., Hunt, A., Rast, P. Rowe, N., Cauble, D. & Dyson, M. (2010). Walking  environment  and GSTM1 variants in children with asthma.  Refereed abstracts: Proceedings  of 23rd Annual Meeting of the International Society of Nurses in Genetics. Dallas Texas.
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      Journal Article 2010
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      • Newcomb, P. (2010). Evolving fairness in research on human subjects. Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing, 23(3), 123-124.
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      Journal Article 2009
      • Li, J. & Newcomb, P. (2009). Disparities in childhood asthma hospitalization: A spatial analysis of contextual effects. Transportation Research Part D, 14(5), 317-325.
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      • Newcomb, P. (2009). Safe Control of Pet and Pest Asthma Triggers. The Journal for Nurse Practitioners, 5(8), 571-578.
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      Popular Press Article 2008
      • Newcomb, P. and B. Raudonis. "Genes, Genetics, Genomics, Oh My!." Nurses Lounge. Jul. 2008: 21-25.
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      Journal Article 2008
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      • Newcomb, P. & Li, J. (2008). Predicting Admissions for Childhood Asthma Exacerbations Based on Proximity to Major Roadways and Demographic Factors. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 40(4), 319-325.
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      Book Chapter 2007
      • Newcomb, P. 2007. The child with an integumentary alteration. In James, S. and Ashwill, J. (Eds) Nursing Care of Children.  Third edition. St Louis: WB Saunders
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      Journal Article 2007
      • Newcomb, P. & Riddlesperger, K. (2007). Using improvisational theater to teach genetics concepts to nursing students. Nurse Educator, 32(5), 227-230.
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      Journal Article 2006
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      Journal Article 2005
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      Book Chapter 2005
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      Book Chapter 2002
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      Journal Article 2000
      • Newcomb, P. (2000). Arguments for a single-payer national health insurance program. Nurse Practitioner, 25(11), 8-11.
        {Journal Article} [Non-refereed/non-juried]


    • February  2012
      Pediatric tonsils: Potential window on pollution
      paper presented to the Southern Nursing Research Society, New Orleans LA 
    • October  2011
      Systematizing the Cultivation of Nurse Scientists at the Undergraduate

      Presentation to Mentoring Conference, Learning Across Disciplines. University of New Mexico, Albuqerque, NM.

    • October  2011
      Genetics and testing for the Primary Care PNP

      Presented to Pediatric Nursing Clinical and Professional Update (regional conference), Arlington, Texas.

    • February  2011
      The WalkAbout Project

      Pre    Presentation of research to the annual meeting of the Southern Nursing Research Society, Jacksonville, Florida

    • December  2010
      Using Improvisational Theater to Relate genetics to the Concerns of

      Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Global Alliance for Leadership  In  Nursing Education and Science. Arlington, Virginia

    • October  2010
      Walking Environment and GSTM1 Variants in Children with Asthma
      Presentation to the International Society of Nurses in Genetics
    • September  2010
      The Walkabout Project

      September 14, 2010. The WalkAbout Project. presentaton to Medical Grand Rounds. Cook Children’s Medical Center.   Fort Worth, TX

    • May  2010
      Emerging Genetics-related Ethics and Policy Issues

      May 25, 2010. Presentation to Society of Pediatric   Nurses, Cook Children’s Medical Center, Fort Worth, TX.

    • November  2009
      Presentation to American Association of Colleges of Nursing.
    • October  2009
      Mechanisms of Intergenerational Transmission of Family Health Information

      Poster: International Society of Nurses in Genetics

    • May  2009
      Roots to Buds, The Family Health History in Clinical Practice

      Preconference workshop. Annual Regional Conference Greater Texas Chapter of the National Association of Pediatric Nurses and Nurse Practitioners, Fort Worth, TX

    • September  2008
      Essential Concepts of Molecular Genetics and Pedigree Interpretation

      Preconference, Texas Nurse Practitioners’ 20th Annual Conference, Austin, Texas.

Support & Funding

This data is entered manually by the author of the profile and may duplicate data in the Sponsored Projects section.
    • Jan 2010 to Jan 2011 Helping Children Learn About Genetic Testing sponsored by  - $1000
    • Jan 2009 to Jan 2010 Effects of Indoor and Outdoor Walking Conditions in Children with Asthma and GSTM1 Variants sponsored by  - $15000
    • Jan 2008 to Jan 2010 DNA Methylaton Patterns in Children with Asthma sponsored by  - $1000
    • Jan 2008 to Jan 2009 Acquiring Essential Genomics Technologies for Translational Nursing Research sponsored by  - $9640


      • NURS 6306-001 Research Design
        Application of advanced nursing research methods to design research focused on improving health outcomes in culturally diverse populations
        Fall - Regular Academic Session - 2012 Download Syllabus
        Evaluation of measurement tools/instruments for studying culturally diverse and vulnerable populations.
        Spring - Regular Academic Session - 2012 Download Syllabus
      • NURS 6390-003 Introduction to Genetics and Genomics

        This course explores genomic concepts and principles related to human variation in health and disease. Students will review and discuss the structure and function of DNA, gene expression and regulation, and genetic variation as relevant to selected single gene and complex human disorders. The clinical application of the family history and pedigree will be demonstrated, and the potential of selected genetic technologies for nursing research will be explored. Clinical application of moral, ethical and legal issues will be integrated throughout the course. The course consists of a one-week online module followed by a week of daily on-campus didactic and laboratory activities. Students are expected to participate in online activities daily during the first week. Students are expected to attend class daily (6 hours: 9 am through 4:30 pm) during the second week at UTA in the Pickard Building.

        Summer - Regular Academic Session - 2011 Download Syllabus
      • NURS 6390-001 TOPICS IN NURSING

        This course explores genetic concepts and principles as they relate to human variation in health and disease. Students will review and discuss the structure and function of DNA, gene regulation, risk assessment, and literature on selected single gene and complex disorders.

        Fall - Regular Academic Session - 2010 Download Syllabus