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Rod S Sachs


[Sachs, Rod S]


Born of European immigrants in Colorado

Married for 20 years

Father of 3 kids

Lives in Fort Worth

Professional Preparation

    • In Progress Ph.D in EnglishUniversity of Texas Arlington
    • 2014 Master of Arts in English University of Texas Arlington
    • 2012 BA (Summa Cum Laude) in English and History, with a Creative Writing CertificateUniversity of Texas at San Antonio

Other Activities

    • Academic Experience
      • July 2011 Digital Humanities Research

        Anyone can check out my digital humanities research collaboration with several decolonial thinkers here,

        at the website for the Decolonial Summer School Middelburgs course, hosted by several gracious supporters

        of Walter Mignolo and Rolando Vazquez. - The De-Archive Collaboration