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Shanna E Banda


[Banda, Shanna E]
  • Director*, Department of Mathematics
  • Learning Resource Director and Distinguished Senior Lecturer


Learning Resource Director

Distinguished Senior Lecturer

Department of Mathematics

Professional Preparation

    • 2002 B.S. in Mathematics (History),  Angelo State University  Teaching Certification 6-12
    • 2005 M.S. in MathematicsTarleton State University


    • June 2013 to Present Learning Resource Director and Distinguished Senior Lecturer
      University of Texas at Arlington


  • Membership
    • Jan 2008 to Present NCTM

Awards and Honors

    • May  2018 College of Science Teaching Excellence Award sponsored by The University of Texas at Arlington
    • May  2011 NISOD Excellence in Teaching Award sponsored by The University of Texas at Austin

Research and Expertise

  • Learning Styles

    Because all students can learn, one of my first priorities is to ensure that my classes are learner-centered.  Therefore to achieve success in the classroom, I must first understand the diversity of learning styles and experiences of my students.  Learning about the students I teach and listening to their experiences has helped me to find several different ways of making the course material more relevant.  This can be done in any classroom setting.  Whether students are in a typical face-to-face class, an online class, or in a lab environment, I can interact with my students in a way that will spark conversation.  I am passionate about discovering the most effective and efficient ways of stimulating and sustaining intellectual growth among all who enter my classroom or learning environment. Because students and learning styles are unique, classes and courses can be taught in unique ways.  The methods that I use in one classroom may not be suitable to maintain maximum involvement in another course.  Therefore my teaching methods are somewhat flexible in order to adapt accordingly to the needs of my students.  Additionally part of learning is being able to acclimate to different teaching styles and presentation. Therefore the variety in techniques also assists the student in developing their own flexibility.  While students must ultimately take responsibility for their own learning, I believe that a teacher can inspire their desire to learn or even broaden their sense of what they are capable of achieving. 

    Some of the techniques that I use here at UTA and that I have introduced to the Mathematics department would include the flipped classroom technique, the Emporium model, synchronous learning using webcasts in an online environment, creative and engaging videos, and other technological tools.


      Textbook 2018
      • Contemporary Mathematics with Foundations


        {Textbook }

      Textbook 2017
      • Foundational Algebra


        {Textbook }
      • Foundational Mathematics


        {Peer Reviewed }

      Textbook 2016
      • Algebra & Calculus for Business & Economics

        Workbook adopted in MATH 1315 and 1316.

        {Textbook }


    • February  2016
      Math Pathways and Transfer

      Guest speaker and panel member for the Texas Success Center's Pathways to Progress Institute.


  • 2013
    • Aug 2013 to Present Mathematics Placement Test (MPT) Redesign and Relocation

      Transitioned the MPT away from a static, open access exam to an electronic system with verified credentials and pooled questions. Subsequent redesign for materials and objective base. New process interfaces with OIT including an automatic batch process for student enrollment and an export of their scores.

      Role: Principal Investigator PI: Shanna Banda

Support & Funding

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    • Aug 2018 to Present Service Learning in Elementary Statistics sponsored by  - $8500


  • 2014
    • Aug 2014 Interactive Videos for MATH 0302, MATH 0311, and MATH 0312

      As part of the redesign of our remedial math program, I created a new curriculum sequence for students in multiple academic pathways who needed a review of their mathematics.  With the design of the new curriculum for MATH 0302, I recorded and captioned over 50 interactive videos covering a variety of entry level mathematical topics and ideas.

  • 2013
    • Dec 2013 Pencasts for MATH 1302

      As part of the redesign for MATH 1302 - College Algebra, I created 110 pencast files containing step by step instruction for the topics covered in 1302.  These files are in a small PDF format which allows students to download them to their own device.  It also allows them to print the notes as a complement to the audio component.


Other Creative Activities

  • 2015
    • Course Redesign
      • Mar 2015 MATH 1301 and 1308

        As part of our success rate and retention initiatives, I directed the redesign of two crucial mathematics courses.  As part of that redesign, we are including interactive videos to cover course objectives.

    • Online Course Development
      • Mar 2015 Redesign and Creation

        Under my direction and in partnership with other instructors, we have gone from 3 online, mathematics courses to 7 online, mathematics courses in multiple formats within the last two years.  We have also included synchronous learning and student-instructor live interaction within all of our online courses for the first time.


Students Supervised

  • Undergraduate
    • Present
      As part of our Mathematics Tutoring and Resource Centers, I mentor all lab assistants.  We hire about 55 undergraduate lab assistants every semester to work with students taking service level math courses in the computer lab and the clinic.  These assistants attend weekly training where I teach them how to teach, tutor, motivate, etc. other students.


Other Teaching Activities

  • 2015
    • Additional Information
      • Feb 2015 Philosophy

Service to the Community

  • Volunteered
    • Jan 2015 to  Present Church Activities

      My husband and I have led a singles ministry through our church for those who have never married and also for those who find themselves single again.  We helped to provide spiritual leadership through the Word of God, a relationship with Jesus Christ, and time of fellowship with other individuals in the same personal situation.  We are very blessed to be able to pour into our community and are looking forward to future opportunities.

      We also serve on our church Mission's Board and volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, along with many other surrounding non-profit organizations to help aid those in the community.

Service to the University

  • Appointed
    • Mar 2014 to  Present Fort Worth Campus/Summer Bridge Project

      As part of a campus wide initiative to increase student enrollment and partner with surrounding ISDs, I am helping to facilitate the offering of specific math courses to students identified in a cohort with special admittance requirements.  To do so, we are including topics like computer literacy for math students to the curriculum for this cohort.

    • Aug 2014 to  Present STEM Academy

      Participant in curricular alignment and program development.  Presented course material to representatives from AISD and other surrounding school districts.

  • Volunteered
    • Aug 2014 to  Present CORE Objective Assessment

      In order to assist the department and the campus in satisfying the state CORE assessment requirements, I have participated in a UTA Scoring Day as well as serve on the Assessment Input Group and help facilitate activities relating to the mathematics core assessment categories of communication, critical thinking, and quantitative reasoning.

    • Aug 2013 to  Aug 2013 Success U Presentation

      Presented algebraic topics to incoming freshman in order to provide them with a "class-like" experience and prepare them for their upcoming college courses.

  • Other
    • May 2014 to  Present Curriculum and Advising Alignment

      Aligned introductory courses with curriculum design, including a shift of the appropriate population into a newly designed Contemporary Mathematics course with coordinated instruction.

Administrative Appointment

  • 2013
    • June 2013 to Present - Learning Resource Director, University of Texas at Arlington   Mathematics Department