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Susan M Baxley


[Baxley, Susan M]
  • Clinical Associate Professor


Dr. Susan Baxley graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from The University of Texas System School of Nursing. Her Master of Science in Nursing is from Texas Woman’s University and her PhD is from The University of Texas at Arlington. During her education, she received scholarships and the Ferne and Evan Kyba dissertation fellowship to assist with her studies. She also received an award from Southern Nursing Research Society for a podcast What is a Nurse Scientist? Dr. Baxley’s research and publications have focused on the Mexican woman and mentoring.  

Dr. Susan Baxley has practiced nursing for over 47 years specializing in maternal-infant health. Her expertise in education and mentoring of patients, staff, and students led her to a research focus with Mexican origin women becoming mothers. As a maternal/infant nurse with experience as an educator and program director, she has expertise in teaching and mentoring others using special projects and creative program designs to achieve desired results. Dr. Baxley worked on several projects related to mentoring including two research grants with a focus on the success of diverse students. As a Clinical Associate Professor in the MSN program teaching Research and Theory in Nursing, she mentors students in their understanding of the research process.

She serves as Director of the PhD in Nursing Mentoring Program where she provides guidance and special programs to both protégés and mentors that help the protégés to become nurse scientists. This interest has led her to a new research focus on mentoring and a book, Mentoring today's nurses: A Global Perspective for Success. She has served on the March of Dimes professional education committee in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas area and currently serves on the Healthy Tarrant County Collaboration Steering Committee. She supports the University by serving on College of Nursing and University committees. She also serves on dissertation committees and mentors Honor’s students as they complete their thesis.

Professional Preparation

    • 2008 PhD University of TX Arlington
    • 1975 MS Texas Woman's University
    • 1968 BSN University of TX Galveston


    • June 2015 to Present JOGNN panel of reviewers
      Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic & Neonatal Nursing published by Wiley-Blackwell
    • Jan 2009 to Aug 2016 Healthy Tarrant County Collaboration Steering Committee, member/chairperson-
      Tarrant County Collaboration


  • Membership
    • Jan 2009 to Present National League for Nursing (NLN)
    • Feb 2006 to Present Southern Nursing Research Society
    • June 1975 to Present Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI): Delta Theta Chapter

Awards and Honors

    • May  2013 UTA College of Nursing Outstanding Mentor Award for PhD in Nursing Program sponsored by
    • Feb  2008 "Nurse as Scientist" podcast competition sponsored by
    • Sep  2007 The Ferne Kyba Endowed Fellowship-2007 sponsored by

Other Activities

    • Dissertation Committees
      • Dissertation Committees Chaired
        • Dec 2016 Everyday ethical comportment in prelicensure baccalaureate nursing students-A grounded theory

Research and Expertise

  • What do Mexican Women want from their Health Care Provider?

    Understand the pregnant Mexican origin women’s expectations of trust and communication with their health care providers.   Explore how the words of these women can improve healthcare outcomes.

  • 2011 Institutional supports for diverse student populations: Perceptions of Hispanic and African-American students and program faculty,

    National League for Nursing, $16,482. September 2011 – August 2012. Co-PIs: M L Bond & C Cason; Co-Investigator: S. Baxley.

  • Mobile mentoring application for use in nursing academia and healthcare settings, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. $20,000 November, 2014-March 2015.

    The purpose of this pilot study is to explore if nurses in academic settings at the undergraduate (Associate degree, diploma, BSN, RN to BSN), and Graduate (Master’s, PhD, DNP) levels and in healthcare settings would perceive the concept of a mobile application (APP) as useful in the mentoring relationship.

  • Characteristics of Mentors of Scholars of resarch in nursing

    The purpose of this study is to explore the perceptions of nursing faculty members regarding the characteristics of their mentors, if existent, as they were/are conducting research in nursing and the desired characteristics of a mentor important to building their   program of nursing research and the characteristics of an organization and the supportive organizational characteristics in which to conduct the research.


      Journal Article 2016
      • Baxley, S. & Bond, M. L. (2016).  Changing with the times: Using Mentee Feedback to Improve PhD              Mentoring.  IMA Connect. May 15, 2016, p. 5-7.

        {Journal Article} [Refereed/Juried]
      • Baxley, S., Ibitayo, K., & Bond, M.L. (2016). Mobile mentoring application: Perceived usefulness and intent to use. Connect, a Publication of the International Mentoring Association. August, 4-5.  Retrieved from; 

        {Journal Article} [Refereed/Juried]

      Journal Article 2015
      • *Baxley, S. & Ibitayo, K (2015). Expectations of pregnant women of Mexican origin regarding their health care providers. JOGNN, 44, 389-396. doi: 10.1111/1552-6909.12572

        {Journal Article} [Refereed/Juried]
      • Bond, M.L. & Baxley, S.M. (2015). Cascade mentoring: Rigorous but not ruthless, IMA Connect, 8-10 Retrieved from

        {Journal Article} [Refereed/Juried]
      • Baxley, S. (2015) Old Friends and New Colleagues, Blog for Convention Connection in Reflections on Nursing Leadership.

        {Journal Article} [Non-refereed/non-juried]
      • *Bond, M.L., Cason, C. L. & Baxley, S. (2015). Institutional Support for Diverse Populations: Perceptions of Hispanic and African-American Students and Program Faculty. Nurse Educator 40 (3) doi: 10.109/NNE.0000000000000126

        {Journal Article} [Refereed/Juried]

      Book 2014
      • Baxley, S. M., Ibitayo, K. S., Bond, M. L. (2014). Mentoring Today’s Nurses A Global Perspective for Success. Indianapolis: Sigma Theta Tau International

        {Peer Reviewed} [Refereed/Juried]

      Journal Article 2014
      • Baxley, S. & Daniels, G. (2014). Adolescent participation in research: A model of ethnic/minority recruitment and retention. Journal of Theory Construction & Testing 18 (2), 33-39.

        {Journal Article} [Refereed/Juried]

      Journal Article 2013
      • Mijares, L., Baxley, S. & Bond, M.L. (2013).  Guiding hands: A concept analysis of mentoring.  Journal of Theory Construction and Testing 17(1), 23-28.

        {Journal Article} [Refereed/Juried]

      Book Chapter 2013
      • *Bond, M. L., Cason, C.L. Gleason-Wynn, P., Gray, J., Ashwill, J., Coggin, C., Lopez, M., Trevino, E., Moon, M., Denke, L. & Baxley, S.  (I2013).  Finding and Keeping Diversity in your Program:  Hispanics in the Health Professions.  In Hispanic Voices, National League for Nursing.

        {Book Chapter} [Refereed/Juried]

      Journal Article 2012
      • *Bond, M. L., Jones, M.E., Barr, W., Carr, G., Williams, S. & Baxley, S. (2012). Hardiness, perceived social support, perceived institutional support and progression of Masters students in a Masters of Nursing Program. HispanicHealth Care International 10 (3).
        {Journal Article} [Refereed/Juried]
      • *Baxley, S. Anticipating mothering in the Mexican origin woman. (2012). Hispanic Health Care International 10 (2) 75-83.
        {Journal Article} [Refereed/Juried]

      Journal Article 2011
      • *Cason, C. L., Trowbridge, C., Baxley, S., Ricard, M. (2011). A counterbalanced cross-over  study of the effects of visual, auditory and no feedback on performance measures in a simulated cardiopulmonary resuscitation. BMS Nursing 10 (15) doi:10.1186/1472-6955-10-15
        {Journal Article} [Refereed/Juried]

      Journal Article 2010
      • *Cason, C.L., & Baxley, S. Learning CPR using the BLS Anytime for Healthcare Providers kit.  Clinical Simulation in Nursing, Accepted June 3, 2010
        {Journal Article} [Refereed/Juried]

      Journal Article 2009
      • Ibitayo, K. & Baxley, S. (2009). PhD nursing students de-stress to achieve academic Success. Reflections on Nursing Leadership (RNL).
        {Journal Article} [Non-refereed/non-juried]


    • April  2016
      Changing with the times: Using mentee feedback to improve mentor program.

      How to use mentee feedback to improve a mentor program

    • August  2015
      Mentoring Success

      Invited Podium Presentation

    • July  2015
      Mobile mentoring application for use in nurse academia and healtcare settings

      Podium presentation

    • March  2014

      Baxley, S. & Ibitayo, K. A global perspective on Mentoring: A framework for success

      This session presents a global perspective on mentoring within educational and healthcare settings. Topics include challenges experienced by students in all levels of post-secondary education, mentoring strategies, practical advice, and tips for mentors and protégés. This includes mentoring structures utilized and the influence of culture on understanding the mentoring process.

    • November  2013

      Baxley, S., Ibitayo, K..(2013). What do Pregnant Mexican-origin women expect from their healthcare providers? Listening to their voices. Sigma Theta Tau International Summit, November 18, 2013. Podium presentation

      Research presentation.

    • November  2013

      Baxley, S., Ibitayo, K., Bond, M.L.(2013), Mentoring Nurses for Success: A Global View. Sigma Theta Tau International Summit, November 18, 2013.

      Mentoring for Academia and Healthcare settings for nurses.

    • September  2013

      Bond, M.L., Cason, C.L. & Baxley, S. Perceptions of Institutional Support for Ethnically Diverse Students. National League for Nursing Educational Summit, Washington, DC. September 21, 2013.

    • January  2013

      Bond, M. L., Baxley, S., Gray, J. Cascade Mentoring: An Emergent Phenomenon in a PhD in Nursing Program. American Association of Colleges of Nursing, San Diego, CA, January 25, 2013.

  • Past
      Bond, M.L. & Baxley, S. Developing, implementing and sustaining a mentorship program for graduate students.
  • Past
      Baxley, S. & Bond, M. L. Mentoring: What does a protégé need to become a successful nurse leader?- Poster presentation.
  • Past
      Baxley, S. & Bond, M. L. Mentoring partnerships for PhD nursing students- Poster presentation.
  • Past
      Baxley, S. & Bond, M.L. Mentoring Partnerships
      on October 28, 2011.
  • Past
      Bond, M. L., Jones, M.E., Barr, W., Carr, G., Williams, S. & Baxley, S. Relationships between hardiness, perceived social support, perceived institutional support and progression of minority masters students in a masters of nursing program.
      July 19-22, 2011.
  • Past
      *Baxley, S. Podium Presentation (2009), Anticipating Mothering for the Mexican Origin.
      June 29, 2009
  • Past
      *Gray, J., Bond, M. L., Baxley, S. Podium Presentation (2007), Increasing Hispanics in the Health Professions.
      on February 5, 2007


  • 2016
    • May 2016 Grant Writing II: Challenges and TIPS for Experienced Grant Writers: Movement into Nursing Education Research

      Webinar for

      Sigma Theta Tau International  May, 2016 


Students Supervised

  • Doctoral
  • Undergraduate Honor's Thesis
    • Present

      Characteristics of Nursing Mentors in a Healthcare Setting

    • Dec 2014

      A Population-Based Approach to Cesarean Section Surgical Site Infections: Analyzing the Relationship between Income, Access to Food, and Incident Infections.


Service to the Community

  • Volunteered
    • Jan 2009 to  Present Healthy Tarrant County Collaboration Steering committee


      Healthy Tarrant County Collaboration Steering Committee, member/not for fee

Service to the Profession

  • Elected
    • Sept 1985 to  Present Sigma Theta Tau International

      Beta Beta Chapter member

  • Appointed
    • June 2015 to  Present Reviewer for JOGNN

      Appointed to the JOGNN panel of reviewers for Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic & Neonatal Nursing

Service to the University

  • Elected
    • June 2011 to  Present Health Professions Advisory Committee


      Health Professions Advisory Committee, Member

  • Other
    • Mar 2015 to  Apr 2015 Honors Distinction Scholarship 2015-16 Committee

      2015                           Honors Distinction Scholarship 2015-2016 Committee

Other Administration Activities

  • 2015
    • Director of Mentoring Program for PHD in Nursing
      • 2015 Director of Mentoring Program for PhD students

        During 2013-present