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Clinical Assistant Professor with eight years teaching at the BSN level. Sixth year at University of Texas at Arlington. Lead Teacher for Community Health Nursing for past six years.  Clinical Nurse Specialist in Critical Care experience since 1986 with most recent hospital experiences to include:  Director of Risk Management, Director of Quality, Patient Safety, Emergency/ Disaster Preparation and The Joint Commission Preparation.

Professional Preparation

    • 1977 BSN University of South Florida
    • 1986 MSN UTSA HSC
    • 1972 ADN in Nursing (Associate of Arts),  Polk Community College, Winterhaven, FL


    • Jan 2013 to Present Member of HPAC- Health Professions Advisory Council
      University of Texas Arlington


  • Professional
    • July 2011 to Present Sigma Theta Tau-Delta Theta
    • Aug 2010 to Present National League for Nursing (NLN)
    • July 1984 to Present Sigma Theta Tau- Delta Beta
  • Membership
    • May 2012 to Present MAPP- Mobililizing for Action through Planning and Partnership- Tarrant County- Steering Committee
    • Mar 2011 to Present Arlington Memorial Hospital Patient Safety Council
    • Oct 2010 to Present Arlington Community Health Council

Awards and Honors

    • Jun  2014 Participation in Summer 2014 Community Health Disaster Simulation sponsored by Cason Grant for Community Health Disaster Simulation



      Pre-simulation for senior student's participation to improve their live disaster simulation. My part was to design a high quality, evidenced based practice series of six scenarios in the form of pre-recorded vignettes.  Authored pre and post-test, script for six vignettes, and assisted in video recording of the vignettes.  Authored and recorded the lecture, followed by live debriefing and then recorded debriefing for each of six scenarios.  Dr. Anderson obtained informed concent by students, followed by the pretest, recorded vignettes, and post test.  The next week the students participated in a live disaster simulation followed by a completed questionanaire.

    • Dec  2005 Team Spirit Award sponsored by USMD Hospital at Arlington

      Hospital annual award for  the employee who seves as a positive role model for those she works with.

    • Sep  2005 Letter of Commendation sponsored by Arlington Fire Chief (Robin Paulsgrove) and Mayor (Ron Wright)

      City of Arlington from Arlington Fire Chief and Mayor for work with the Arlington Emergency Operation Center (EOC) during disaster response to the disasters along the Gulf Coast (Hurricane Katrina and Rita). Including, hospital readiness, obtaining and opening shelters in Arlington, responding to several shelters as buses of evacuees arrived and provided essential medical care. Responded to every request by EOC to include screening special needs evacuees for transfer to a special needs shelter. Mrs. Cherry, "When we were unable to find anyone else that was qualified and trustworthy enough to perform this important task, she graciously accepted the assignment. Mrs. Cherry's work was essential to our entire city."

Research and Expertise

  • Providing Care to Wards of Texas Probate Courts

     Dr. O'Keefe developed an Electronic Statewide Distance Training Program for the Court Visitor Program, improving knowledge, skills, competencies and outcome of the undergraduate nursing workforce and impacting 1,341 Wards of the Texas Probate Courts. During Impllementation, (2) helped to assure the appropriate supply, diversity, composition and distribution of the undergraduate nursing workforce that could be appointed as Court Visitors; and (3) evaluated the Electronic Statewide Court Visitor Program, providing an infrastructure to support the availability and sustainability of a full range of healthcare skills and services to Wards, reducing Health Disparities in access to care, and monitoring Quality of Care provided by guardians. Role:  PI for CVP data in Tarrant County Probate Court One and UT Arlington College of Nursing.  Trained undergraduate nursing students to the role of Court Investigator and completed approximately 56 Ward visits per semester and submissions of Electronic forms to UTMB and Tarrant County Courthouse.

  • Improving Student Participation in a Live Disaster Simulation through particiation in pre-simulation classroom vignettes

    Dr. Mindi Anderson-Dr. Cason Community Health Disaster Simulation Grant.  Participation in classroom pre-simulation and if student's participation improved during the live disaster simulation.  Summer 2014.  My participation was to design a high quality, evidenced based practice series of six scenarios in the form of vignettes.  Authored a  pre and post test, a script of six vignettes, assisted in the video filming of the vignettes at the Smart Hospital. Then authored a lecture, recorded it with the imbedded video vignettes as well as authored and recorded the scenarios debriefing.  During the disaster lecture, the PI obtained informed consent by the students.  The recorded lecture and vignettes were played one at a time, followed by a live "debriefing" of each of the six scenarios.  The following week, the students participated in the live simulation and completed the questionanaire.  Links to the videos- disaster simulation and PPE are available on request.

  • Promoting Health Through Healthy Life Styles Choices

    A collaborative Pilot Project with Kinesiology on "Promoting Health through Healthy Life Style Choices".  The target is vulnerable population youth 13-14 year olds at a Young Men's Leadership Institute in a middle school in Grand Praire. The school is a Title 1 with a diverse population that is 75% Hispanic.  The project will attempt to increase physical activity in students with an after school soccer program with coaches and mentors.  The College of Nursing Community Health students provided nutritional education and eating behaviors for students to reduce obesity and prevent type II diabetes.  A separate set of evening nutritional classes were provided for parental nutrition and healthy choices.  The third part of the project was to role model by successful UTA College Seniors to improve the student's attendance and engage the parents in participation in school activities.  By developing better habits, the students will have a greater chance to succeed in school and increase their graduation rates.


  • Past
      Managing Time as a Preceptor

      Presentation to preceptors including time management strategies, and successful strategies when precepting senior nursing students in the hospital setting.

  • Past
      Emergency Preparedness, Am I Ready?

      Presented an overview of Emergency Preparedness, community involvement by governmental and non-governmental participants, and sources for preparation.

  • Past
      Emergency Preparedness, Am I Ready?

      Presented an overview of Emergency Preparedness, participation by emergency responders by governmental and non-governmental agencies. Discussed the types of disasters, the need for having a family plan as well as a personal plan with demonstration of a 72 hour emergency kit.