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Wendell A Davis


[Davis, Wendell A]
  • Assoc Prof


    • Jan 1983 to Jan 2013 Assoc Prof
      University of Texas at Arlington

Research and Expertise

  • Expertise

    Microwave component design
    Microwave semiconductor circuit design

    He has worked on automated network analysis, design of a PIN diode phase shifter, and a hardware simulation study for Canadian Satellite Communications.

  • Research Interests
    Magnetostatic surface wave devices
    Broadband microwave circuits
    High frequency time domain measurements
    Nonlinear parametric effects


      Conference Paper 2006
      • M. M. Hossain, A. C. Kim, W. Alan, H. T. R. Davis, and R. L. Carter. "Adjacent Device Thermal Effect Modeling and Charactterization in Delectrically Isolated Bipolar Technology," presented at ICSICT ' '06, 8th International Conference, October 2006.
        {Conference Paper} [Refereed/Juried]